A 42-year-old male model who wanted to build muscle and increase his energy underwent testosterone therapy, as seen in the before-and-after shot.

A 42-year-old guy claimed that testosterone therapy helped him gain muscular mass and regain his vitality and disposition. But he said that it fell short of his prior peak physique because he had been a fitness model. He claimed that there are drawbacks to hormone therapy, including cost, time commitment, hair loss, and water weight gain. Morning Brew is read by more than 3 million people; you should too! Thank you for registering! Weston Boucher , a 42-year-old model and menswear designer, claims that testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) has improved his mental health, given him more energy, and helped him gain more than five pounds of muscle, but he still believes that he looked better before the procedure.

Despite advantages including more energy and improved mental health, Boucher has admitted to Insider that he wishes he had tried TRT sooner.
In a later interview, he stated, “I encourage boys to be cautious about it, as it’s not a magic pill.”

More muscle mass and simpler maintenance are two effects of this. He added that his physique doesn’t compare to his earlier peak and that he has also put on water weight.

Right now, Boucher added, “I’m not really working out to grow muscle; it just stays on.” But it hasn’t changed the way I think about what lean muscle looks like.

Boucher, a long-time athlete who has been concerned about his health, claimed that meticulous food and exercise improved his physique more than hormones did, and that the main advantages weren’t seen in the mirror but rather in his mental and physical well-being.

He added anyone thinking about the treatment should be aware of the commitment required and that the process of adapting to hormones, including to address rising estrogen levels, has been expensive, time-consuming, and difficult.

TRT CAN HELP MANAGE MEN WHO HAVE IMBALANCED HORMONES’ SYMPTOMS Many men may exhibit blatant signs of low testosterone, but if their hormone levels were sufficiently high to begin with, a drop in levels may not meet the criteria for low testosterone as it is now defined, urologist Dr. Ananias C. Diokno previously told Insider.

To determine if a big decline in testosterone may be problematic, it’s a good idea to test early and know your testosterone levels by age 30, according to Diokno.

Boucher initially began TRT after noticing the typical symptoms of low testosterone, such as loss of sex desire, mental fog, exhaustion, and melancholy, in addition to difficulties keeping muscle and strength.

The most notable effects were the reduction of his chronic depression, an increase in his vigor and sex drive, and an improvement in his gym performance.

NO, DIET AND EXERCISE DO NOT REPLACE TESTOSTERONE THERAPY Hormone therapy can result in aesthetic changes, but its main purpose is to improve general health and wellbeing in conjunction with appropriate medical care. Boucher advised men against using it solely to increase their power and muscle mass without first paying attention to their lifestyle.

Jumping to any synthetic supplement before diet and exercise is a huge risk and, in my opinion, will make you regret it, he stated. Never undervalue the human body or our biology. The body can figure out a whole lot when you give it what it needs.

After years of meticulous exercise and stringent, low-fat diets to develop a lean, muscular appearance, Boucher claimed his peak physical condition occurred when he was 36 to 40 years old. Since then, his health has taken precedence.

I knew it wasn’t sustainable or healthy, he admitted. “These days, I consider diet far more in terms of total wellness than in terms of a cover shot.”

HORMONE THERAPY REQUIRES TIME TO ADJUST TO, AND SIDE EFFECTS CAN INCLUDE HAIR LOSS. TRT can result in a variety of intricate alterations in the body, including changes in the levels of other hormones. It raised his common side effect level of estrogen, according to Boucher.

He claimed that in addition to gradually modifying the TRT treatment, in order to cope, he had to take additional supplements and watch what he ate.

Hair loss and shrunken testicles have also been negative effects.

It doesn’t matter whether you have incredibly healthy test numbers, he continued, until your hormone levels are adjusted. “Be aware that you are taking this lengthy number of medications to combat negative effects. People must understand that degree of dedication.

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