A basketball coach from Louisiana smashes the record for the longest hoop shot ever.

NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! This Louisiana basketball coach holds a sizable number of global records.

Joshua Walker set five world records in a single day, one of which was for the longest basketball shot, which he made from 113 feet, 6 inches distant from the basket.

According to a Guinness World Records statement from August, Walker made the shot as well as the farthest behind-the-back basketball shot, the farthest hook shot, the farthest bounce shot, and the farthest basketball shot made backward in July of this year (GWR).

A blind basketball player can hear her shot if you watch the moment thousands of people go silent.
After making the longest basketball shot in history, Walker told GWR, “I just had to give it everything I had and luckily it went in.”
Elan Buller, who scored from 112 feet, 6 inches in 2014, lost the title to Walker for the longest basketball shot.
After connecting on the 113-foot, 6-inch shot, Walker told GWR, “I’ve never been more excited in my life.
I genuinely don’t know how to respond.
Third-grade teacher offers students hot cocoa if they make a basket.

Walker then made the farthest behind-the-back shot, which he accomplished after multiple tries from a distance of 48 feet, according to GWR, after making the longest basketball shot.

Walker explained, “I just wanted to get it as close to the goal as I could, and eventually one would go in.”
According to GWR, Walker stole that record from Harlem Globetrotter Rock “Wham” Middleton.

In his third record of the day, Walker made the farthest basketball hook shot, which he also stole from Middleton, from 80 feet away from the basket.

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