A motoring enigma is the Ford Bronco “Oates.”

A high-performance variant of the SUV created by extreme off-road racing vehicles is the 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor. Review by Gary Gastelu, editor of Fox News Autos.

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The Bronco6G.com fan site noticed that the company has submitted an VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) decoder with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for its 2023 trucks and SUVs.

The booklet explains what each VIN’s letters and digits stand for, as well as where each vehicle was built and what kind of factory-installed equipment it has.

Additionally, it specifies the various trim levels for each model, which in this case includes the yet-to-be-confirmed Bronco and Bronco Sport versions as well as the previously-announced F-150 Heritage Edition.

The Bronco Raptor is one of eight Bronco trims.

One of the eight Bronco trims is the Raptor. (Ford)
The car industry is wagging its collective mustache in contemplation over one one enigmatic addition, though.

It is the Bronco Oates, a two-door vehicle with a cutting-edge 4×4 technology that is shared by a number of highly off-roading variants, including the Wildtrack and Badlands.

The Bronco Oates shares a name with musician John Oates.

John Oates, a musician, shares a name with The Bronco Oates. (Terry Wyatt and Ford/Getty Images) )

Oates doesn’t have a clear etymology that would suggest a tough SUV; rather, it only occurs in English as a proper name shared by the authors Joyce Carol Oates and John Oates of the band Hall and Oates.

In fact, John Oates holds a trademark on the name for usage in connection with music as well as a logo with the name printed across a picture of his distinctive bushy mustache.

The official John Oates website bears his recognizable emblem (img3). (J. Oates)

Ford, on the other hand, recently patented “OTX” in connection with SUVs and off-road vehicles, which, if you listen out the letters, is somewhat reminiscent of Oates.

The 2023 model year vehicles are rapidly coming, so the Bronco Oates might soon be ready to rock crawl. Ford is not doing that and is being silent on the subject for the time being.

The automotive editor for FoxNews.com, Gary Gastelu, covers the auto business and racing. @foxnewsautos

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