According to authorities, a man who broke into the office of a California doughnut store returned to the site of the crime after forgetting his keys.

According to The Associated Press, a burglar forgot his keys and came back to the scene of the crime. The suspect was seen on CCTV making a double back to the corporate headquarters of Johnny Doughnuts. In order to find the offender, San Rafael Police is asking for the public’s assistance. After leaving his keys inside the building, a thief went back to the California doughnut shop office where he had first committed the crime, according to The Associated Press .

According to The AP, the crime happened last Saturday at the corporate headquarters of Johnny Doughnuts in San Rafael, California, where the suspect stole some cash.

According to the publication, the suspect not only grabbed the cash but also the keys to a bakery car, which he did not actually steal.

Local law enforcement released a video clip on their Youtube channel and requested help from the public in identifying the perpetrator. San Rafael Police said in a statement that the man “stole various goods” after breaking into the workplace.

A man wearing a blue T-shirt can be seen wandering the office and picking up a few things before leaving, according to the CCTV footage.
Finding out why this particular business was targeted is part of the investigation, according to Lt. Dan Fink, who spoke to The AP.

The owner of the doughnut store, Craig Blum, is quoted as saying that he is relieved that no one on his staff was hurt during this occurrence.

Blum told the Associated Press, “It was a regrettable event, but we’re delighted no doughnuts or team members were damaged.” “Occasionally, simply the notion of a doughnut drives you mad.”

A request for comment from Insider was not immediately answered by the San Rafael Police Department.

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