According to Virginia AG, working-class Latinos are not buying Democrats’ “out-of-touch” rhetoric.

YouTube NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! Jason Miyares, the Republican attorney general of Virginia, claimed the Democratic Party has lost touch with Latino people in the working class and lacks compelling messaging. Miyares underlined the fact that Republican messaging are resonating on Friday’s episode of “America’s Newsroom,” which has caused Hispanic voters to flip their support to the GOP.

Voters of Hispanic descent predict a red wave and claim that Democrats use handouts and rhetoric to win over minorities.

JASON MIYARES: I can’t stress enough how out of touch with working-class Latinos of all stripes the Democratic Party’s current messaging is. They are seeing this, and while it may be messaging that appeals to liberals with higher education and wealth, the typical person working in a shipyard or a minimum wage job is seeing this, and it is completely at odds with their beliefs and morals. Due to the importance of family and faith in the Latino population, certain political parties place an emphasis on these issues while others don’t.



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