After a shop is robbed, a lifelong San Franciscan moves to the suburbs because “their policies just don’t work.”

NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! A longtime resident of San Francisco claimed on “Fox and Friends First” on Friday that homelessness and crime are both on the rise in the city, with “no clear end” in sight.

“My company was robbed. My gear was stolen, and it was broken into. My car was being broken into often, “According to Tom Wong, owner of a private security company who recently relocated to the suburbs, crime has increased in the city by 8.5% since 2021.

“Drug use is visible. The location of one of my clients is next to a safe injection place, and the next street is teeming with drug traffickers. On the same block, there are maybe 15 or 20 drug dealers working nonstop. And the locals are terrified. My client was hardly able to defend his house. And the situation right now is really awful.”


Nearly half of San Francisco residents have reported been robbed in the past five years, according to a startling new survey. Nearly half of San Franciscans reported experiencing a robbery in the previous five years, according to a survey by the California NPR affiliate KQED, yet the city has yet to address the crime problem.

According to a city count that is conducted every three years, San Francisco officials estimated roughly 8,000 homeless people in February, the second-highest figure since 2005.

Ex-San Francisco official assigned to clean up filthy streets is awaiting sentencing in connection with bribery and corruption scandal.
Furthermore, according to a recent article in The San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco’s homeless camp costs the public $60,000 year for each tent.
Wong expressed his grief at what has happened to the place where he was raised.

“I knew and cherished that house. We arrived here thanks to the district attorney, violence is rampant, drug usage is commonplace, and our sanctuary city policy is ineffective. Their policies are ineffective. It’s a sentimental slogan, but it’s ineffective. And that needs to change “Carley Shimkus was told by him.

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