After mistakenly disclosing the contents of the InfoWars host’s phone, Alex Jones’ attorney requests that the case be dismissed.

On Thursday, Alex Jones’ defense lawyer requested a mistrial in his defamation damages trial after it was revealed in a dramatic courtroom exchange that he unintentionally forwarded the contents of Jones’ whole phone to the opposing attorney.

As the jury in the case proceeded to deliberate, Jones’ attorney F. Andino Reynal petitioned Travis County District Judge Maya Guerra Gamble for a mistrial.
“I don’t think it’s a mistrial based on this,” Gamble responded after the request was denied.

Reynal also submitted a request for an urgent move to shield the information on Jones’ phone that was acquired by plaintiff lawyer Mark Bankston, who is defending Sandy Hook parents who are suing Jones for defamation.

Reynal said to Gamble, “We are quite concerned about the materials that have been revealed, especially the medical records,” and demanded that the plaintiff’s lawyers “return” any papers and “delete” any copies they may have.

The request for a mistrial was described by Bankston as a “fig leaf over his own malpractice.”
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