After ordering cocaine from a drug delivery service, three New Yorkers die from fentanyl overdoses.

Following the fentanyl overdose deaths of three New York businessmen who had ordered cocaine from the same drug delivery service, the drug dealer who was responsible for the deliveries was charged.

“Julia was a motivated professional with a fulfilling life.” According to Sassan Ghahramani, whose daughter Julia Ghahramani died from a fentanyl overdose, “never in a billion years would she have touched anything with fentanyl.” “This is like shooting someone in the head,” someone said.

A fentanyl overdose claimed the life of lawyer Julia Ghahramani, 26, who had just begun her first employment. She passed away in March 2021. Ross Mtangi, a 40-year-old trading executive, and Amanda Scher, a 38-year-old social worker, also passed away from fentanyl overdoses on the same day. The three professionals placed identical orders for cocaine from a delivery service akin to GrubHub on the same day, but the cocaine was fatally laced with fentanyl.

In the wake of the nation’s opioid epidemic, FENTANYL DRIVES A SURGE IN OVERDOSE DEATHS IN THE US

Billy Ortega, the alleged drug dealer in the cases, is currently accused of causing the three deaths and trafficking drugs. He entered a not guilty plea and is currently standing trial.

According to the prosecution, Ortega was a stay-at-home father who distributed cocaine using Kaylen Rainey as a courier out of his home in a rural part of New Jersey. Rainey was receiving text message delivery instructions from Ortega while residing in a Manhattan condominium that was registered to Ortega’s family.

Rainey has also entered a not guilty plea to the charges of causing the three fatalities and drug distribution.

In New York City, cocaine is a common substance among professionals; according to health experts, consumption rates there are far higher than the national average of 2%. Health officials have recently started warning consumers about a fatal trend in the cocaine market and advising them to be on the lookout for many dealers who have started fentanyl-mixing into their batches.

980 cocaine-related deaths were reported in New York City in 2020, and 81% of those deaths were associated with fentanyl. According to data from the New York City health department, the number of people dying from cocaine usage alone has remained in the low hundreds.

In relation to a Florida man’s FENTANYL overdose death, a drug dealer was detained.
The new fad claimed Ghahramani, Mtangi, and Scher as well; Ortega may have foreseen this possibility soon after the three received their drug supply.
Shortly after Scher received the package, Ortega texted her, “Hey try not to do too much since it’s pretty strong.”
A REcovering Drug User Fights to End the Addiction Stigma After Fentanyl Killed Her Soulmate
Three missed FaceTime audio calls were followed by a text that read, “Hey boss lady you heard.”

“Hey, can you call me back?” The following morning, Ortega sent another text that stated, “I need to ask you something real fast.” Ortega made seven calls to Ghahramani in an attempt to get through, but was unsuccessful.

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