An 11-year-old who witnessed George Floyd’s death wrote a book to assist kids in processing horrific events.

Judeah Reynolds, the youngest eyewitness to George Floyd’s murder in 2020, was just nine years old. Reynolds published “A Walk to the Store,” which describes what she saw that day, two years later. Children who witness horrific events can process them with the use of worksheets and exercises in the book. Subscribe to our daily newsletter to receive exclusive analysis, news, and trends in your inbox. Thank you for registering! In 2020, the youngest witness to George Floyd’s passing wrote a children’s book about her experience and the weeks that followed.

On Friday, Floyd’s 49th birthday, Judea Reynolds, 11, published her book “A Walk to the Store.” Floyd would have turned 49 on Saturday.
Floyd died on Memorial Day 2020 when Derek Chauvin, a former Minneapolis police officer, held Floyd’s neck against his knee for more than nine minutes.

When Reynolds, then nine years old, and her then-17-year-old cousin, Darnella Frazier, who had videotaped Chauvin and Floyd, went to the shop to get some snacks, Floyd had already died.

Reynolds, According to ABC News , was the witness who testified against Chauvin who was the youngest.
Reynolds testified during the trial, “I was sad and kind of upset because I felt like he was keeping him from breathing.”

According to the book’s website rating, “A Walk to the Store” by Darcy Bell-Myers features worksheets with exercises from Aruba Emotional Health Services to aid children in processing traumatic events and tells the story of Floyd’s death from her perspective when she was nine.

According to CNN , Cameron Brundidge, whose mother Sheletta Brundidge wrote a book that helped others understand autism, motivated Reynolds to write a book.

According to CNN, Reynolds and Brundidge would collaborate to write the children’s book.

According to Brundidge, “This book is about a movement in general.” It’s not about the tragedy or the misery she went through; rather, it’s about how she overcame it to succeed. She strolled. She strolled into the store and walked out of it. She is stepping into her mission and destiny.

Reynold’s book was published by Beaver’s Pond Press, whose owner Lily Coyle admitted to CNN that she struggled to find a way to present Reynold’s narrative without being offensive.

I don’t want to publish a children’s book that harms kids or makes life more difficult for people. We want to bring grace to this terrible tragedy, and it needs to be a tool for healing,’ Coyle said CNN.

On the book’s website, it is stated that the publisher is covering all production costs and giving Reynolds 60% of the revenue.

You don’t have to be afraid of things all the time; instead, you can be strong, bold, and fight for what you believe in, according to Reynolds, who spoke to Fox 9 .

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