Angels desire to assist you.

In light of the conflict in the Ukraine and this week’s assault on the Brooklyn subway, Archbishop of New York Timothy Cardinal Dolan offers a message of hope and faith.

NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! Read this article. Most individuals have heard about guardian angels since they were little. We’ve been taught that they are there to watch over us and protect us, but did you know that they are also there to assist us when we need them?

If you’re anything like me, the idea of a magnificent angel waiting at my disposal to “serve” me seems strange and even unsettling. However, according to Hebrews 1:14, “Are they not all ministering spirits sent out to serve for the benefit of those who are to inherit salvation?”

When discussing this verse in his Life Application Bible commentary, Bruce Barton writes, “In terms of creational hierarchy, angels are superior to humans since they were made first and have more important roles (Psalm 8:4). However, God has flipped the roles and told the angels to help his humans.”

Psalm 91 states, “Because he’ll command his angels to watch over you everywhere you go. They will support you with their hands so that you won’t even step on a stone and damage your foot.” (v 11-12 NLT).

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These examples of God’s great messengers have made me incredibly humble. God loves His children so much that He has given us countless supernatural blessings, including the ability to ask for angelic protection and assistance. It is up to us whether we fully utilize these gifts.

This past fall, when my husband Sam and I started going to a weekly dinner party hosted by an elder in our church, my understanding of angels deepened.

At the first supper, Mike, our host, talked about how he has been hosting large parties in his home for for 30 years. When it first started, Mike prayed to God asking Him to make his home a “dispatch center” for angels. He described how he had asked particularly for these angels to be able to receive orders from God in his actual home.

A visitor once revealed to Mike that he saw hundreds of angels in his home as he closed his eyes to pray before their supper and felt like this was a type of “dispatch center” for angels in the Dallas region a few years after he recited that prayer (without sharing it with anyone else at the time).

Sam and I were greatly impacted by Mike’s tale, and it motivated us to pray for God to use His angels to watch after our family.

As we prepared to move our infant boy from his bassinet in our bedroom to a crib in his own room, we definitely feel that our specific prayers were granted. Being a first-time parent makes you anxious if your child is even a few feet away, especially in the beginning. I’m aware that the struggles so many other people go through pale in contrast to the ones we young parents experience, but God can handle any issue, no matter how big or small. And although though I had discussed the timing of moving our baby to his own room with the pediatrician, read a number of books, and prayed about it, I was still experiencing worry over the change.

One afternoon when our infant boy was napping, I was rocking him in front of his crib when I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to pray for four angels to be stationed at each corner of the cot. I prayed that prayer for several weeks while keeping my eyes closed, asking God to enable me see these angelic warriors guarding every angle. I begged particularly for these angels to minister to our son and help him not feel scared or bewildered if he woke up and we weren’t there, in addition to protecting our boy.

The opportunity to test out the crib eventually materialized. We have a cutting-edge baby monitor that monitors the infant’s sleeping habits. It may provide precise timestamps for your baby’s sleep and wake times and will even provide a time stamp for each time a parent puts the child back to sleep in the crib.

He woke up intermittently the first three nights beginning at 4 a.m. Sam or I would enter and check on him as soon as we heard him. But on the morning of the fourth night, I noticed our infant had slept through the night when I awoke at 7 a.m.

My first instinct was to enter the room and see how he was doing. He was sound asleep, thank God. When I went to check on his sleep on his monitor, I was perplexed to see three timestamps at 4 a.m., 5 a.m., and 6 a.m. indicating when he had been visited in his crib.

We both came to the startling realization that we hadn’t checked on the infant at those times when I asked Sam if he had done so. At first, I questioned whether the display was experiencing some sort of issue. My spirit was then addressed by a quiet, little voice that asked, “Christen, what did you ask Me for?” It was the angels, I sprang out of bed and yelled to Sam. We both chuckled in absolute amazement at God’s observable faithfulness.

We told our friend Mike about this incident, and as we both praised God, we all agreed that Mike’s dispatch office had sent the angels guarding over our baby’s cot.

Many people would find it difficult to accept this narrative or, even if they do, they might think that anything like this could never happen to them. If that describes you, allow me to encourage you by admitting that my husband and I once shared your viewpoint.

But consider this. Even while Christians claim to believe in angels, do we really? We have only learned to take baby steps of faith, like asking and believing for actual angels to fill our home, by God’s grace and gentle proddings. Know that these tremendous blessings are available to EVERYONE who has accepted Jesus.

Accept God’s love and ask the angels to guard your house and your family. You only need to ask.

Haplous is a Christian blog started by Christen Limbaugh Bloom for women looking for calm in a hectic world. Her articles emphasize doable “baby steps” anyone might take to pursue a relationship with God. Christen is a native New Yorker who grew up in Missouri and now loves God, her spouse, iced coffee all year round, and building relationships with other women. Both Christens’ website and blog can be found at @haplous_official and , respectively.

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