As Jeff Goldblum turns 70, a look at the “Zaddys” of Hollywood

This coming Saturday is Jeff Goldblum’s 70th birthday.

The “Jurassic Park” actor first became aware of his status as a “Zaddy” in January 2020 while appearing as a guest on the “Kelly Clarkson Show.”

A “Zaddy,” which rhymes with “daddy,” is a handsome older man who oozes charm and confidence in addition to his superb looks.
A member of Clarkson’s crew explains what a Zaddy is to Jeff in the episode.


I believe I get it, he replied. I consider it to be complimentary. I appreciate it very much.
But, he added, “I appreciate being a father.”
Charlie is seven years old and River is five years old. Jeff and his wife, Emilie Livingston, got married in 2014.
The other Zaddys in Hollywood are shown below.

THEODORE MELONI In recent years, Christopher Meloni has adopted the identity of a Zaddy. He celebrated #NationalNudeDay earlier this summer by going completely naked for a Peloton commercial .

It is gas. Meloni said of his new position in People magazine, “It’s fun.

“I don’t know, has Zaddy been crowned by anyone else? You simply have to ride that horse for as long as you can once it has been given to you.

Meloni said that his children, Sophia, 21, and Dante, 19, who have been in a marriage of 27 years, enjoy his new position.
Christopher Meloni, 61, CELEBRATES BECOMING A “LAW

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