As violence increases, Failla criticizes “woke” crime measures for “targeting minority groups” “That’s the con,”

Jimmy Failla, host of “Fox Across America,” talked about how Governor Ron DeSantis’ move to suspend a prosecutor and leftist policies are affecting the overall national rise in crime.

NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! Jimmy Failla, the host of the radio program “Fox Across America,” criticized “woke” crime policies for “targeting minority neighborhoods” and claimed that it is a fraud to allow criminals loose in the name of “equity.” After Florida Governor Ron DeSantis punished a liberal prosecutor for not upholding the state’s abortion restrictions and other regulations, Failla spoke on “Outnumbered” about how the far-left policies affect minority populations.

JAIME FAILLA The deeper problem is that minority communities are specifically targeted by all of these awakened reforms. I say that because you’re releasing individuals in the name of equity. However, given the high incidence of recidivism and the fact that 90% of violent crimes are perpetrated against people of the same race, you’re actually just rewarding lawbreakers at the expense of law abiding citizens.

The con is that.

Therefore, getting people out of jail for violent crimes—or any crime, for that matter—does not make the nation better off or more equitable. Therefore, simply imprison the evil guys if you want to care about any race, which you should care about. How did this get so contentious?

Watch the following excerpt from “Outnumbered”:
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