Authorities claim that the Florida police dog that was “murdered” while on duty saved the lives of the officers.

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NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! As a hero who saved cops from peril, a Florida K-9 who was shot and killed while apprehending a criminal is remembered.

“You feel crushed because the police dogs wouldn’t have survived if the K-9 had lived. The tip of the spear, he was “Grady Judd, sheriff of Polk County, commented on the murder. “One of our partners was what we lost today. So that no Lake Wales police officers would, our K-9 Max perished.”

Around 5 a.m. local time on Wednesday, the Lake Wales Police Department received a 911 call from a woman reporting that she had been forced from her automobile by a person later identified as 57-year-old convicted felon Earnest Borders. Chris Velasquez, the chief of Lake Wales Police, claims that the suspect slammed the woman’s face against the pavement, strangled her, and discharged a gun repeatedly at her before running away.

Soon after leaving, Borders reappeared, and police made an effort to capture him, according to Fox 13. The suspect sprinted across railroad tracks and into some trees. Before K-9 Max and his handler Officer Jared Joyner ventured into the woods to pursue Borders, the Polk County Sheriff’s office helped the police department build up a perimeter in the area.

Earnest Borders, left, the suspect who fatally shot a police K-9 in Florida; Max, the police K-9 of the Lake Wales Police Department in Florida.

Max, a police K-9 from the Florida Lake Wales Police Department, and Earnest Borders, the culprit who fatally shot the K-9 in Florida. (Lake Wales Police Department/Florida Department of Corrections)

Borders was captured by Max by the ankle, according to Velasquez, but the suspect then produced a revolver and fatally shot the K-9.

According to Fox 13, Velasquez stated of Max, “He was very, very well-trained, and he performed precisely as he was meant to.” “He finally prevented police officers from dying this morning. If that K-9 hadn’t been working this morning, I really believe that we would be talking about dead police officers.”

The police chief continued, saying that Officer Joyner has “lost a part of his family” and is “very heartbroken” over the K-9’s passing. Max, a Belgian Malinois from the Netherlands who joined the force in 2016, has been there since that year.

When Borders fired at Max, two police officers—including Joyner—started firing at him. The suspect suffered severe injuries and passed away shortly after.

“Our K-9 was brutally slain at the suspect’s apartment. pressed the trigger on the handgun after drawing it, “added Velasquez. “He took that decision, and as a result, he died today.”

A memorial photo of fallen Lake Wales Police K-9 Max, who was killed in the line of duty on Wednesday while apprehending a suspect.

A memorial image of the deceased Lake Wales Police K-9 Max, who was murdered on Wednesday while conducting an arrest. (Facebook) Lake Wales Police Dept.

According to police, Borders had 18 prior felonies, including counts of violence, assault, and grand theft, Fox 13 reported. At the Florida State Prison, he had completed three separate sentences.

On Wednesday, a procession was staged for Max as his body was brought to the medical examiner’s office.

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