Baby who stopped breathing on a flight to Orlando is saved by a retired nurse.

YouTube NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! A baby girl who stopped breathing on a flight to Orlando was saved by a retired nurse.

On Spirit Flight 1691 , , which departed from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on Thursday, the incident took place.

Tamara Panzino, a retired nurse with more than 20 years of experience, told FOX 35 Orlando that roughly 30 minutes after takeoff, flight attendants asked over the loudspeaker if anyone was a doctor. Three-month-old Anjel’s parents anxiously pleaded for assistance as their child turned blue in the face and stopped breathing.

As other passengers became silent, the nurse sprinted to the front of the aircraft.
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The baby's father holds his daughter who had stopped breathing on a flight to Orlando but was revived by a nurse on board.

According to Panzino, she gave the infant oxygen, began vigorously rubbing his chest and legs, and applied chest compressions. The baby’s breathing resumed.

The baby’s father bounced his resurrected daughter up and down as FOX 35 meteorologist Ian Cassette, who was a passenger on the same trip, shot video of other passengers cheering and flight attendants grinning.

Retired nurse Tamara Panzino smiles during video interview.

“When it’s necessary to take the initiative and act morally, you do it. It was just a happy narrative, and I felt extremely pleased after reading it “After the incident, Panzino remarked in a Zoom interview.

The parents of three-month-old, Anjel, return to their seats after a nurse on board saved their daughter's life.

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