Bibi the hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo gives birth to a child.

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NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! Read this article. Bibi the hippo gave birth to her second full-term hippo on Wednesday, according to a statement from the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden.

According to zoo officials, the newborn calf is already taking her first steps and weighs more than double what her sister Fiona did when she was born. At this moment, neither the baby hippo’s name nor gender have been disclosed.

According to zoo director Christina Gorsuch, “This calf appears enormous to us because Fiona, Bibis first offspring, only weighed 29 pounds when she was born six weeks prematurely and wasn’t able to stand on her own.”

The hippo team saw that Bibi’s uneasiness and predilection for the indoors on Tuesday were indicators that she was going through labor. She will spend the next two weeks privately bonding with her baby while being closely watched by authorities.

Officials from the Zoo will take pictures and videos without upsetting the mother and infant so they can subsequently share them with the public.

In the wild, a mother would keep her baby away from the bloat for roughly that long, according to Gorsuch, who added, “We want to give Bibi the opportunity to do what feels natural to her.”

Bibi may be breastfeeding, but officials are keeping an eye on the couple in case they need to step in and help. Fiona, Bibi’s firstborn, had to be cared for by the Zoo staff due to her preterm birth.

The public can still see Fiona and her father Tucker in the outside habitat, separate from Bibi. During regular business hours, staff members can watch Hippo Cove via their live cameras.

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