Can Democrats and the media deflate the Hunter Biden case without detonating Washington?

Republican charges that whistleblowers revealed the FBI is protecting Hunter Biden are evaluated by Sen. Ron Johnson.

NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! For news buffs, the media’s coverage of the Hunter Biden affair has undergone a stunning and abrupt change. The abrupt media attention to the Hunter Biden affair signals a change. Reporters are now admitting that the infamous laptop is not “Russian misinformation,” as was widely asserted prior to the 2020 election, from CNN to NPR. The media is currently conducting an even riskier experiment after years of concealing the subject.

The implosion of a scandal is known as controlled demolition since it minimizes the explosion harm on neighboring buildings or people. It requires accuracy and, most crucially, teamwork to pull off, similar to those buildings dropped between other buildings. The proper timing of the media, Democratic lawmakers, and most crucially, the Justice Department, will be needed for this orchestrated implosion.

The same coalition, in spite of proof of a multimillion dollar influence-peddling effort by the Biden family, was successful in killing the story before the election. The bogus assertion made by 51 intelligence professionals that the laptop was probably “Russian misinformation” was quickly disseminated by the media. Before the election, Twitter and other social media platforms imposed a news blackout. Recently, Republican senators claimed that the Justice Department had manipulated the probe, exhibiting the same prejudice that had been exposed in the Russian collusion inquiry.

Despite the glaring need for such an appointment, Attorney General Merrick Garland has declined to name a special counsel. Recent evidence, according to even the former attorney general Bill Barr, makes such an appointment necessary (a reversal of his initial position in giving the case to United States Attorney David Weiss in Delaware).

In a previous column on the one-year anniversary of the Hunter Biden laptop incident, I lauded the Biden family’s accomplishment in having the matter disappear before the 2020 presidential race. It was compared to Houdini’s feat in which he made his 10,000-pound elephant Jennie vanish. The Biden prank was performed live in front of millions of viewers with the assistance of the media.

The elephant is now visible to the public, which is an issue.

Because of this, the media is currently readjusting. The recent statement by Thomas Friedman, a New York Times writer, that “I know The New York Times felt it didn’t pursue it first as much as it wanted to; then it followed up, as I recall,” is the best example of this. Friedman doesn’t explain why the story lost the attention of journalists or why there was a “follow up” a year after Joe Biden was elected.

Given that the majority of Democrats are refusing to officially endorse President Biden in his projected reelection campaign, it would suggest that he is no longer regarded as a political asset. Right now, Biden might jeopardize Democratic control of Congress. How can Hunter (and even his father) be dropped without hurting the media, the Democrats, or anyone in Washington? A controlled demolition is necessary.

Controlling the blast is the most crucial step. Merrick Garland has effectively prevented the possibility of a report on the substantial influence peddling, including the multiple allusions to President Biden, by declining to name a special counsel. In emails, the “Big Guy” is mentioned as a potential beneficiary of incentives including a 10% piece of a transaction with a Chinese energy company. Additionally, emails mention Hunter Biden covering a percentage of his father’s taxes and costs. More evidence just emerged demonstrating that “the Big Guy” was in fact Joe Biden.

The issue is that there is more and more embarrassing proof. This includes Hunter’s recent admission of engaging in open influence-peddling and mentioning his father. According to some emails, Hunter used vacations with his father to schedule meetings with clients like Magnani. In fact, during a conversation with Magnani, Hunter expresses his displeasure at not receiving feedback on his business activities.

“I have gone to the White House, the Vice President’s house, and the inauguration with every single individual you have ever asked me to bring, yet you remain mute. I’m not sure what I did, but I’d like to know why, after having fulfilled every request you’ve ever made, you seem to think I did something to offend you.”

The embarrassing email just makes the media’s struggle to contain the fallout from the scandal—not Hunter Biden—more embarrassing.
If the issue can be resolved with specific criminal charges, none of that would, however, be the emphasis of the broadcast.

In other words, a lesser explosion can then be used to cause the casing to collapse. Hunter might face a few tax or lobbying charges rather than pursuing larger conspiracies related to the influence peddling. This would enable a plea agreement, allowing the media to concentrate just on those charges and away from the wider influence-peddling by the Biden family.

Controlled demolition can, of course, occasionally go wrong. The possibility of a GOP takeover of either chamber of Congress poses the biggest threat. That would invite congressional investigation into the entire situation. However, the legal fallout can be limited if a plea agreement has already ended the case.

The goal of politically motivated controlled demolitions is to “implode” the structure, or cause it to fall into its original footprint. The implosion has been contained to Hunter Biden, leaving the media and establishment unaffected.

Jonathan Turley is a practicing criminal defense lawyer as well as the Shapiro professor of public interest law at George Washington University. He contributes to Fox News.

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