Christie Brinkley recalls her girls’ participation in the 2017 SI Swimsuit shoot: Everybody experiences some insecurities.

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NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! In 2017, Christie Brinkley made headlines when, at the age of 63, she posed for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit alongside her daughters Alexa Ray Joel and Sailor Brinkley Cook.

The model covered the magazine for the first time in 1979, and she subsequently broke a record by getting the covers for the following two years. But this time, the star was second-guessing herself.

Brinkley stated that the chance “came about quickly” in the August/September 2022 issue of Long Island Woman.

The 68-year-old told the magazine, “I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to do it. However, I genuinely wanted my daughters to have that experience, so we agreed.

. Age is just a number, as demonstrated by AA1! She is back this time with her daughters .

Swimsuit from Sports Illustrated (@SI Swimsuit) February 7, 2017 Their Turks and Caicos home was the location of the photo shoot. Even though Brinkley has had a wonderful career in the spotlight, she still struggled with insecurity when she posed in bikinis once more.

“The moment you consider being in Sports Illustrated, you begin to wonder, Oh, do we stack up?” Brinkley gave details. “Everybody experiences some insecurity. Everyone coming together to sort of talk about their insecurities and let them out there was kind of interesting.”

She continued, “My girls have each experienced different worries as a result of growing up under the scrutiny of the press, so I think it was a little bit anxious.” “However, I believe it was cathartic. Everyone relished the occasion and sharing that experience.”

Brinkley observed that it has become increasingly important to maintain a cheerful view on life.

Sailor Brinkley Cook, left, Christie Brinkley and Alexa Ray Joel attend the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2017 launch event at the Center415 event space in New York City on Feb. 16, 2017.

On February 16, 2017, Christie Brinkley, Sailor Brinkley Cook, and Alexa Ray Joel were present at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2017 launch event at the Center415 event venue in New York City. (Image: Michael Stewart via Getty) )

“I’ve always subscribed to the idea that you should be content with whatever you have. You have two legs, two eyes, two arms, and “She spoke. “To worry about anything else is pointless. Being thankful It doesn’t matter whether you gained five pounds; you are fine.”

Brinkley is now appreciative of how inclusive the modeling business has evolved over time.

The most lovely aspect of the beauty industry, according to her, is how it strives to embrace and celebrate people of all ages, sizes, and races. Additionally, “and that they locate themselves on the pages, see themselves there, and feel good about themselves.”

Brinkley acknowledged that the movement has been “a tremendous movement,” but more needs to be done.
Pictured in a still from “National Lampoon’s Vacation” is Christie Brinkley. (Warner Bros./ images )

“I still think there should be more women my age represented in magazines because I frequently receive comments like “I’m so delighted when I see your whole outfit” on my Instagram account from ladies. mostly because sometimes I’m not sure what to wear,” “She spoke. And I want to convey to others that as long as you feel good about it, it’s acceptable.

Back in April 2021, Brinkley expressed to Fox News Digital her desire that her most recent bikini photos, which frequently go viral, would encourage other women to embrace who they are regardless of their age.

Brinkley remarked at the time, “I post these images because I often get messages from ladies my age thanking me for altering the way people think about the numbers. “Numbers had meaning in the old days. When I was younger, people used to tell me that you shouldn’t wear your hair past your shoulders and that your skirt should end just before your knees.”

She stated, “I’ve always felt like those regulations were so restrictive. “Everybody is distinct and different. But it’s like telling a gymnast that she can no longer perform flips at a certain age. It makes no sense. Show off your strong legs if you have them. Celebrate anything about yourself that you genuinely adore. Don’t let those statistics to control you.”

Christie Brinkley recently told Fox News Digital that at this stage in her life, she doesn't see herself posing for SI Swimsuit again.

Christie Brinkley recently admitted to Fox News Digital that she doesn’t see herself modeling for SI Swimsuit again at this point in her life. (Reuters)

Brinkley stated at the time that she didn’t see herself modeling for SI Swimsuit again.

She said, “I don’t think so. “I feel as though I’ve been there and done that. I believe that when I put on my bathing suit once more, I’ll also want to bring a snorkel so I can go diving and observe the fish.”

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