David Beckham was seen in a long line waiting to see the casket of Queen Elizabeth II.

NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! Soccer great David Beckham joined the lengthy queue of mourners lining up on Friday to pay their respects to the late Queen Elizabeth II and see her casket.

It did not take long for bystanders to notice the 47-year-old British icon, who was clad in a dark coat and baker boy cap, while they were waiting in the hours-long line.

“I anticipated it would be a little bit quieter by arriving around two in the morning. I made a mistake,” Beckham told BBC. “That’s what everyone was thinking,”

All those waiting in line, according to Beckham, were there to “enjoy and appreciate what Her Majesty has done for us.”

David Beckham was spotted in line Friday to pay his respect to the Queen as he waited along with everyone else to view her coffin.

The former soccer player continued, “So this day was always going to be terrible. It’s painful for the country, it’s sad for everyone across the world, because I think everyone is experiencing it. Our thoughts are with the family and obviously with everyone here today. “Getting my OBE was the most memorable experience for me. I brought my grandparents, who were instrumental in bringing me up to be a major royalist and admirer of the royal family, along with my wife, of course.

David Beckham had previously been honored by Queen Elizabeth II.

The star had reportedly been waiting for more than 10 hours, according to a Twitter user.

The person posted on Twitter, “My best friend’s Mom has been directly in front of him the entire time and he’s been queuing thus far for 10 hours just like her!”

David Beckham wore a cap and a dark jacket while waiting in queue.


“The wait is now full of individuals trying to snap David Beckham and forgetting to really move onwards,” wrote another line member on social media.

It’s crazy! Although I have some sympathy for him, he is handling it extremely well. However, it has almost made me forget that we have been in line for almost TWELVE HOURS.

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