Due to BLM pressure, Cedillo and de León were removed from committee positions after a racist LA City Council tape leak.

Black Lives Matter activists continued to put pressure on two additional council members to resign from the council altogether after tape of racist comments made by Latino members of the Los Angeles City Council was leaked. These council members were removed from their committee seats.

According to the Los Angeles Times, council members Kevin de León and Gil Cedillo were removed from committee responsibilities related to housing, homelessness, and other issues.

On Monday, Mitch O’Farrell, the acting president of the Los Angeles City Council, made the declaration.

Following Nury Martinez’s resignation as Los Angeles City Council president and subsequent forfeiture of her council seat last week, the announcement was made. Ron Herrera, the influential union leader who presided over the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, also announced his resignation.


Protesters for Black Lives Matter have gathered in front of de León’s Eagle Rock residence.

According to KNBC, BLM leaders want the council to “show its commitment to Black political empowerment and political and racial healing” by replacing Martinez with one of its African American members.

Tuesday is the day for the leadership vote after Councilmembers Curren Price and Paul Krekorian both indicated interest in succeeding the current president. On Sunday, Krekorian had a COVID-19 positive test; he will participate virtually.

The audio recording of a conversation between Martinez, Cedillo, de León, and Herrera in October 2021 during which they discussed redistricting was first made public by The Los Angeles Times last week.

Martinez reportedly chastised Councilor Mike Bonin, a White colleague, over the parenting of his Black kid, whom she claimed Bonin treated like a “accessory,” according to the Times.

According to the tape that was published on Reddit, Martinez added, “They’re rearing him like a little White kid.” I thought, “This child needs to get banged up. I’ll take him around the corner and bring him back after that.

Martinez also referred to Bonin’s son as “that little monkey,” or “este changuito,” in Spanish.

De León also added his two cents, saying that the way Bonin handled the toddler was similar to “when Nury carries her little yard bag or the Louis Vuitton bag.” Martinez said, ‘Su negrito, like on the side.

Whoever created or leaked the recording is unknown.
“Mike Bonin will never, ever, f—-ing say anything about Latinos.” De León remarked, “He’ll never utter an f—-ing thing about us.”
Martinez also mocked George Gascón, the district attorney for Los Angeles County, by declaring, “He’s with the Blacks.”
On Saturday, hundreds of indigenous people demonstrated in support of de León and Cedillo’s resignation.
In the recording, Martinez describes Oaxacans as “small, short dark folks.”


De León and Cedillo have refused to budge despite repeated requests from political leaders, including President Biden, for their removal. All four people who took part in the conversation have apologized for their participation.

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