During Pence’s speech, Georgetown students leave and yell, “Hatred has no place here!”


Students may be seen leaving during former vice president Mike Pence’s lecture on Wednesday at Georgetown University while other students unfurl a placard that reads, “Reproductive rights are human rights.”

The Young America’s Foundation shared a video of a speech it sponsored at the university in Washington, D.C. It shows dozens of students leaving the room as Pence spoke and as other students in the balcony of the building unfurled a banner bearing pro-choice messages.

A few of the kids were hiding behind masks, while one was observed leaving the building while carrying a gay pride flag.

As the kids left the building, Pence remarked, “It seems to me that having served many years in Washington, officials in this nation’s capital have never been more out of touch.” More determined to impose their agenda or leave in the face of others who might hold opposing views.

There might be someone else I prefer more, Pence says of supporting Trump in 2024.
After Pence said that phrase, the audience members who were still present in the auditorium roared and applauded.

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