Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who is back on “Fox

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, a former “Fox and Friends” co-host, comes back on “Fox and Friends” to talk about her book “Flashlight Night,” the state of American education, and her return to “The View” after co-hosting the program for ten years.

NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! On Thursday, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, a former “Fox and Friends” co-host, returned to the Fox limelight to discuss faith and education as many American parents press for greater input in the classroom.

Hasselbeck appeared on “Fox and Friends” to talk about the status of education in the country, the difficulties facing the Biden administration, and her newest picture book, “Flashlight Night.”

Hasselbeck said to co-host Ainsley Earhardt, “I think as citizens, we are to stand up for the rights of children, to remain pure and also be loud when it comes to what they’re learning. “I guess my concern is that we’re becoming an illiterate state in America and we’re focused on subjects that kindergarten through third grade students don’t need to learn about,” the speaker said.

She continued, “They’re young, they’re little, but I think we’re imposing agendas on these young souls when we should be allowing them to grow and protecting their pure heart.”

Americans are currently going through an economic recession while worrying about education. There are many families who are concerned about how they will continue to put food on the table as a result of the four-decade high inflation rate.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck in

Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Hasselbeck asserted that she still has optimism in spite of everything.

First and foremost, according to Hasselbeck, “Americans can’t afford to live in America right now with our current regime.” “I consider that to be a challenge in the end. I believe that the reality is difficult, whether you’re at the gas station or the grocery shop and you’re just trying to provide for your family.

She continued, “I definitely have worries, but I’m always hopeful. “I like to just camp out there, and I believe that better days are ahead of us.”

Hasselbeck talked about her most recent novel, “Flashlight Night,” which was co-written by her kids. The narrative tries to instill a belief in God in young readers and allay their concerns of the unknown.

She stated, “I think it’s vital for students to admit when things are hard. “I believe that at times we ask people to pray and have faith, and at other times it doesn’t feel right.

But, she said, “we know that God will always make everything right in His time.
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