Examining Trump Mar-a-Lago records is the DOJ “taint team”

NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! According to Fox News, a Department of Justice “taint” or “filter” team has been looking over documents that the FBI acquired during its search on the Mar-a-Lago residence of the former president Trump.

According to a senior law enforcement official familiar with the procedure who spoke to Fox News, the review got under way soon after the search warrant’s August 8 execution.

According to the person, it is routine practice for the Justice Department to deploy a “taint” or “filter” team to examine documents found during a search in order to find any that might be covered by the attorney-client privilege.


Last week, Fox News was the first to reveal that during the raid, FBI agents had taken boxes containing documents protected by executive privilege and possibly attorney-client privilege.

Former President Donald Trump is shown leaving Trump Tower in New York.

According to sources involved with the inquiry, the former president’s team was warned that information found in boxes marked A-14, A-26, A-43, A-13, and A-33, as well as a group of documents shown on the last page of the FBI’s property receipt, was subject to attorney-client privilege.

A legal privilege known as “attorney-client privilege” protects the confidentiality of conversations between an attorney and their client. Whether the records contain correspondence between the former president and his personal attorneys, the White House counsel during the Trump administration, or a combination of both is unknown at this time.

According to sources, the president and other executive branch officials may be able to withhold some sensitive types of counsel and communication between the president and senior advisers. This power is known as executive privilege, and it may apply to specific records.

The FBI has been criticized for raiding former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago home.

Even though it is standard practice, the Justice Department’s use of a “taint” or “filter” team may make it more difficult for Trump’s legal team to have an independent special master appointed to review the records that have been seized because it is likely that DOJ officials have already looked through them.

A “filter team” “will not safeguard President Trump’s rights,” Trump’s attorneys emphasized in a move to request the appointment of a special master filed Monday evening in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.


According to the motion submitted on Monday, Trump and his legal team are requesting that a special master be appointed to examine the records obtained during the search, that the government’s review of the materials it has seized be stopped until a special master is appointed, that the Justice Department provide a more thorough receipt for any property it has seized, and that it return any items it has seized that were outside the parameters of the search warrant.

According to the motion, “for the aforementioned reasons, President Donald J. Trump respectfully requests that this Court issue an order that: appoints a Special Master; enjoins further review of seized materials by the Government until a Special Master is appointed; requires the Government to provide a more thorough Receipt for Property; and requires the Government to return any item seized that was outside the parameters of the Search Warrant.

Former President Donald Trump in New York City following the FBI raid at his Mar-a-Lago home.

The administration “has long treated President Donald J. Trump unfairly,” according to the motion.

According to the motion, the two years of the “noisy” Trump-Russia investigations and others “have indicated a readiness on the part of the FBI and DOJ to treat President Trump differently than any other citizen.”

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