Experts say there are six local restaurants in America that serve the tastiest chicken wings.

On March 4, 1964, Teressa Bellissimo served the first batch of Buffalo wings at Anchor Bar. Now the most recognizable appetizer in America, they.

NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! Read this article. Stan Makowski, a former mayor of Buffalo, New York, correctly declared National Chicken Wing Day for the first time in 1977.

Each year on July 29, people celebrate the day of taste.
However, for the millions of Americans who love hot wings, every day is chicken wing day.
Here are six of the best places to get hot wings in America.
These are independent companies with devoted local clientele providing the hottest, tastiest, and unquestionably greatest chicken wings in America.

BOOTIES SURPRISE, ARIZONA Yes, surprise! Bootys defeated out the greatest chicken vendors in the country to win the fan favorite wing award at the National Buffalo Wing Festival in Buffalo last year.

It also took home the festival’s top prize for its customary medium sauce.
Booty’s now has a number of other sites around Arizona and consistently ranks first on rankings of the greatest wing restaurants in the country.
It provides a diverse selection of about 30 different wing sauce and rub flavors.

Wendell's is a hidden-gem hot-wing joint in Norton, Mass., offering what loyal fans say are the best wings in the nation.

Wendell’s in Norton, Massachusetts, is a well-kept secret that serves what devoted customers claim to be the greatest wings in the country. Fox News Digital/Kerry J. Byrne

AIKEN, S.C. DAVES GRILL ANDAMP; GROCERY Dave’s, one of the most unusual restaurants in America, only serves wings on Wednesday. However, wing connoisseurs claim that they are some of the best in the country and are worth waiting till hump day for.

“a cool setting. A butcher shop and an ethanol-free petrol station are also located there, according to Michael Stern, publisher of and author of numerous “Road Food” books “according to Fox News Digital travel guides.

“Dave has amazing wings!”

QUAD DUBS LARAMIÉ, Wyoming When Double Dubs took first place in the “extra hot” sauce category at the National Buffalo Wing Festival the previous year, it received widespread praise.

Trent Weitzel, the founder of Double Dubs, has lofty goals. He already owns a fleet of five food trucks in Wyoming.

He declared on Friday that he would try to sell 55,000 chicken wings in a single day during Cheyenne Frontier Days in order to break the Guinness World Record next July in honor of National Chicken Wing Day.

Five food trucks operated by

Double Dubs, of Laramie, Wyo., boasts a fleet of five food trucks offering wings made with hot sauce voted the best in America.

Double Dubs in Laramie, Wyoming, sell wings that are cooked with the greatest spicy sauce in the country. (Dual Dubbing)

The Village Casino in Jamestown, New York, now holds the record after selling 40,210 wings in a single day.
Tourists visit Anchor Bar in Amherst, New York. DUFF’S FAMOUS WINGS People from Buffalo visit Duffs.
At least that’s the lingo used in Buffalo, the actual and metaphorical birthplace of the hot wing, a national obsession.
This well-liked neighborhood wing restaurant has since grown to include more than a dozen other sites in Western New York and Ontario.
There is a warning on each of Duff’s wings: “MODERATE IS HOT! Very hot is Medium Hot! Very very hot is hot! “The business exclaims.
WISC. LEGENDARY LARRYS SHEBOYGAN Customers at this famous Wisconsin wing eatery place their orders by writing their top choices on a paper slip.
“Wing King” Drew Cerza, the creator of the National Buffalo Wing Festival, describes the food as “extremely tasty, very reliable, and very traditional.”
Legend Larry’s is “extremely tasty, very reliable, and quite traditional.” Fly King D. Cerza

The D.O.A. sauce is a trademark of Legend Larry’s. On its website, it states that “this one will burn, but unlike many other extra-hots, it’ll taste amazing, too!

The first store opened its doors in 2001. Since then, the shop has grown to include Green Bay, Manitowoc, and Sheboygan Falls.
WENDELL’S NORTON, Massachusetts The ideal hidden-gem wing joint is this one.

National Chicken Wing Day is celebrated on July 29 around the nation, including at Wendell's in Norton, Mass.

On July 29, chicken wings are celebrated everywhere, including at Wendell’s in Norton, Massachusetts. Fox News Digital/Kerry J. Byrne

The one and only outpost of the family-run small-town institution, according to its devoted patrons, serves the nation’s best hot wings.
Wendells offers a unique blend of potent heat and tasty mouthfeel.
The wings are served with lots of sauce in wooden salad bowls.
Wendell’s chicken wings come with a freshly baked Portuguese roll rather than carrot and celery sticks.
The incredibly hot Carolina reaper peppers used to make the new Wendell’s Reaper sauce. They are gorgeous and delectable.
Fox News Digital’s Kerry J. Byrne is a lifestyle correspondent.

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