FBI works daily to keep our nation secure; pay attention to the facts, not the politics.

NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! One of the various programs run by the FBI’s men and women every day is one that is devoted to looking into violent crimes against children. The terrible sights of thousands of helpless youngsters who have been sexually abused and other crimes confront the FBI Special Agents working on these cases.

All states and FBI offices participate in the investigations that are begun under this program. Cooperation between the FBI and a wide range of significant partners, including law enforcement agencies at the federal, state, local, tribal, and international levels as well as community organizations and the general public, is essential for success in these complex, dangerous cases as well as in almost every investigation.

These alliances, based on trust and developed over many years of close cooperation, are successful in looking into a variety of criminal offenses. Through these collaborations, human traffickers are stopped, families are reunited, cyberthreats are eliminated, and acts of domestic and international terrorism are averted. Because of the work done by special agents and our allies, Americans are safer every day.


Special agents have difficult jobs to do. It consumes you and is relentless. Additionally, it is totally apolitical. FBI agents occasionally have to conduct investigations that draw criticism from politicians and commentators. I’ve been an agent for 23 years, and over that time I’ve encountered criticism on all sides.

FBI agents approaching a crime scene

However, over the past month, we have heard excessive and reckless criticism of the FBI from political figures and pundits alike. It’s absolutely incorrect to claim that the FBI operates with any sort of political prejudice. These assaults, especially those launched by political figures, might seriously jeopardize the security of agents and others.

Chris Wray, the FBI director, recently noted in testimony before Congress: “The FBI is expected to perform at a higher level than ever before due to the bigger and more varied dangers our country faces. The FBI continues to meet and surpass the expectations of our fellow citizens, who rely on it to defend the country against all of these threats.”

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