For his mother who is battling a brain tumor, an Arizona guy grows out his hair for two years.

After receiving radiation four years ago, a mother from Arizona lost all of her hair. Her son made the choice to let her wig grow for two years. Credit: Hannah Brinton and Mary Strong

NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! Read this article. A mother from Arizona experienced irreversible hair loss four years ago as a result of radiation therapy used to treat a recurring benign brain tumor.

The son of Melanie Shaha, who is well known for sporting a full head of strawberry blonde hair, set out on a two-year quest to give his mother the greatest gift possible: a new head of hair.

Matt Shaha, 27, who began his journey in early 2020, let his hair grow out for 12 inches before cutting it off and having a wig custom-made for him.

Melanie Shaha and her 27-year-old son Matt Shaha.

Matt Shaha, age 27, and his mother Melanie Shaha. (Photography by Mercedes Berg)
The mother of six could never have imagined such a gift.

She said, “You just stand out like a sore thumb when you wear a hat everywhere.” I don’t mind being sick, but I really don’t like how I appear.

Since 2003, Melanie had been battling a tumor on her pituitary gland. The Mayo Clinic claims that an pituitary tumor can arise in the pituitary gland at the base of the brain and alter a person’s hormone levels.

Although the tumor was benign, Melanie claimed that it couldn’t be left where it was since “it was in the wrong place and destroys critical things.”

Image 2: Melanie Shaha with her family before radiation caused her to lose her hair. (Image courtesy of Stacey Hemeyer)
She had neurosurgery after receiving her initial diagnosis. When the tumor reappeared three years later, she needed another surgery.

Melanie claimed that she got radiation treatment in 2017 when the tumor reappeared for the third time in order to stop it from developing and finally reduce it.

The mother from Arizona claimed there were long-lasting adverse effects, though.

She remarked, “I didn’t realize it would happen, but my hair started to come out about three months after radiation.” “And the physician said it won’t return.”

For his mother, Matt said he had been considering growing out his hair, according to FOX Business.
He remembered turning to his mother during a break from school and saying, “Maybe I’ll grow it for you mom.”
Then, he continued, “it just kind of clicked: Well, why don’t I?
He was unable to start growing out his hair while attending Brigham Young University due to the requirements for grooming and attire at the institution.

Matt Shaha chops off his hair to make his mom, Melanie, a wig.

To create a wig for his mother Melanie, Matt Shaha cuts off his hair. (Photography by Mercedes Berg)

He was ultimately able to begin in March 2020 after spending the remainder of his senior year of college at home because to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Melanie stated, “I realized it was a lot to ask and there might come a point when it’s not realistic for his work, with sports or in his relationship.

Matt Shaha getting his hair cut after growing it 12 inches.

Matt Shaha’s hair was trimmed after growing it out for 12 inches. (Photography by Mercedes Berg)

When the time came to eventually trim his hair at the end of March 2022, Melanie claimed she sobbed.
She exclaimed, “Matt’s generosity, compassion, and sacrifice have truly been wonderful.” He has been really loving and caring.

Melanie Shaha and her son, Matt, after he chopped off his hair for her.

Melanie Shaha with her son Matt after he shaved his head for her. Melissa Shaha

The 27-year-old then shipped the hair to Compassionate Creations, a tiny company in Newport Beach, California, that specializes in creating bespoke wigs for anyone who is battling hair loss.

There are numerous locations where you can cut your hair and donate it, but only a small number of businesses will use your donated hair to create a wig for you, according to Melanie.

By mid-June, the hair had finally arrived, and Melanie, sporting her son’s long strawberry blonde locks, claimed she once again looked like herself.

To see that project “just kind of come to fruition and seeing how wonderfully it worked out,” as Matt put it, “meant the world to me.”

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