Gavin Newsom receives a response from Ken Paxton and Pam Bondi that “what Biden is doing is criminal.”

NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! Governor Gavin Newsom of California is asking the Justice Department to consider “kidnapping charges” while Republican governors of Texas and Florida are sending immigrants to towns ruled by Democrats. The White House is also exploring legal action.

On Friday, former Florida attorney general Pam Bondi and Texas attorney general Ken Paxton appeared on ” Fox and Friends ” to make the case that the federal government is abusing the Justice Department.

“Again, here we are. threats from the FBI and the Department of Justice that they may look into persons with whom we disagree. That appears to be the new approach to handle political conflict “To Brian Kilmeade, Paxton spoke.

“However, everything we’re doing is entirely legal. It is unlawful for the president to permit people to enter the country unlawfully as he is doing. Gavin Newsom doesn’t appear to be requesting that the president be investigated for breaking the law.”

The governor of Florida claims that funds are available to transport unauthorized immigrants out of his state.
According to Paxton, migrants are agreeing to be transferred and that Texas has the “right to send these people away if we want to.”
He continued, criticizing left politicians for being silent on the matter, saying, “All the political antics are being conducted by the Biden administration.”

“A mayor has never voiced a grievance, to my knowledge. No Democratic politician has ever voiced a protest about the harm being done to our states or even some of these people who are dying in transit. Never once have I heard a complaint.”

Bondi criticized Newsom for whining about Abbott and DeSantis bussing out illegals and advised him to concentrate on the issues his own state is currently facing.

“In California, crime is increasing dramatically. Instead of Florida, Texas, and all the border states attempting to safeguard our own citizens, he should be concerned about the crime, the real crime, in California.”

The hypocrisy of sanctuary jurisdictions complaining about the influx of immigration was brought up by Bondi.

“I don’t see how Governor Newsom can claim that sending people to Martha’s Vineyard is cruel, barbaric, and awful. Additionally, Massachusetts claims to be a sanctuary city that supports its citizens. Therefore, I would imagine that these people would be overjoyed to be there.”

Americans, according to Bondi, are “sick and weary” of the border problem and the Biden administration’s inaction.

“These narcotics shouldn’t cross our borders, please. We have no idea who these individuals are. If they could possibly be pedophiles or human traffickers, “She spoke.

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