GOP and Arab Americans create a “unexpected alliance” as a result of LGBTQ literature in Michigan classrooms.

According to a local Fox affiliate, conservatives and Arab Americans have formed a “unexpected alliance” to oppose Michigan public school boards that are stocking “explicit” LGBTQ materials in school libraries.

The article described how worried conservative and Arab American parents showed out to a Dearborn, Michigan public school board meeting on Thursday night to voice their opposition to the library’s listing of LGBTQ publications as being sexually explicit.

Their attendance was a gesture to the “surprise coalition of sorts” between conservatives and many members of the Arab American community because of how similar this subject is to their interests, according to Fox 2.


Matthew Deperno, a candidate for the Republican nomination for Michigan attorney general, commented on this coordinated effort that evening. I think you’ll discover that these are folks with fervent religious convictions, he remarked. We must defend the First Amendment and people’s freedom of religion, and I believe the Republican Party is beginning to change.

According to the outlet’s description of the attendees at this meeting, “high profile Republicans sat front and center,” and “those who attended Thursday night’s school board meeting were predominantly Arabic.”

In addition to attacking the local school board, protesters also attacked Rep. Rashida Tlaib, a left-leaning Democratic lawmaker from Michigan. One parent speaker said, “Rashida Tlaib is the only one responsible for this.” Vote against Rashida Tlaib!

The largely Arab American crowd cheered on a White Dearborn mother who also attacked Tlaib.

Another participant commended the GOP for standing up for parents on this matter and urged Democrats to follow suit. “What the Republican Party has done is they have stood on this subject and they have stood with parents strongly,” he stated. We are anticipating the support of our Democratic counterparts on this matter.

However, other detractors viewed this ‘surprise partnership’ as a cunning move by Republicans who are down in the polls.
After student protests, Virginia Governor Youngkin defended transgender policies, saying that parents would not be “excluded.”

Since it is election season and the Republicans are down in the polls, they are grabbing onto anything to gain support, according to Osama Sibliani, the publisher and editor-in-chief of the Arab American News.

Others, such as David Dulio, a political science professor and director of civic engagement at Oakland University, asserted that this unity would not hold given the differences between the two parties’ positions on other matters. According to the newspaper, the professor “thinks this union would be short-lived considering that conservatives, on the whole, supported former President Donald Trump’s Muslim ban and fostered worries of Sharia Law becoming the law of the nation years before that.”

Politics may create odd bedfellows, and this wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen this, Dulio continued. Because the Arab American community is now motivated, I could easily see this issue and this partnership increasing turnout.

Whatever the duration of this partnership, it has led some Dearborn schools to remove the “explicit” books from the library shelves in order to conduct a “review process.” The district is also making it simpler for parents to restrict what their children can access in the library, Fox 2 said.

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