GOP responds to the news Joe’s final solo press conference upset Jill Biden: “knows when she witnesses a train wreck”

FIRST ON FOX: Following a report that first lady Jill Biden was disappointed that no one attempted to obstruct President Joe Biden’s last solo press conference nine months ago, Republican lawmakers responded.

The first lady reportedly ripped into top White House officials by demanding to know why no one intervened after the president’s most recent solo press conference in January, during which he disobeyed the cue from the then-press secretary Jen Psaki to end it.

Rep. Austin Scott, R-Ga., made light of the claim and joked that Jill Biden “knows a train accident when she sees one” in a statement to Fox News Digital.


The First Lady apparently recognizes a train accident when she sees one, Scott said in a statement to Fox News Digital. I believe that everyone in the White House is worried that the President would unintentionally reveal the true goals of the Biden-Harris administration.

It is “obvious,” according to Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., that the White House is “not in control.”

The American people are attentively monitoring the President’s predicament. Other foreign leaders are as well, according to a statement from Blackburn. It is clear that he lacks control over the White House, his staff, and the current affairs.

Elise Stefanik of New York, the chairperson of the House Republican Conference, made a joke to the effect of “the president of the United States should not need a babysitter when he talks to the media.”

Apparently, said Stefanik, “Joe Biden does.”

“The American people put Joe Biden in office and deserve to hear directly from the president,” said Rep. Jeff Van Drew, R-N.J., in a statement to Fox News Digital. Surrogate in chiefs do not govern our nation.

Joe Biden shouldn’t be in charge of the most powerful nation on earth if he is unable to carry out his responsibilities as president and regularly communicate with the American people, according to some. Answers are due to the American people. Van Drew said, “Not from his staff, not from his press team, but from the president of the United States.”

Rep. Ronny Jackson, R-Texas, criticized the president’s mental health and charged that the first lady and senior White House personnel were “conducting a coverup operation to preserve their own self-interest.”

“Congratulations to the staff member who exposed Joe Biden by stating that he isn’t in charge at the White House. Jackson added that nine months prior, the first lady ripped into the White House personnel for letting her husband degrade himself in front of a single reporter. We all understand that Joe Biden is unable to make judgments on his own and requires continual supervision, Jackson remarked.

The White House has essentially been transformed into an assisted living home by this administration. The Texas Republican stated, “It is perilous for this country that Jill Biden and senior White House personnel are executing a cover-up operation to protect their personal self-interest.”

“As a doctor to three U.S. presidents, I have direct knowledge of the mental and physical requirements needed to carry out the most demanding job in the world. A puppet with cognitive impairment cannot continue to serve as the leader of the free world and America’s commander in chief, Jackson added. Joe Biden has gone too far.

As we approach the divisive 2022 midterm elections, Jill has emerged as one of the president’s favorite surrogates, according to The Times article .

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