GREG GUTFELD: In sanctuary states, Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott are forcing “fake politicians” to walk the walk.

YouTube NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! Oh, absolutely. Happy Thursday to all. Yes. The sanctuary flights so carry on and are the only ones that arrive on time. The progressive utopia known as Martha’s Vineyard received two planeloads of illegal immigrants last night from Florida Governor DeSantis. That makes sense because it is a vineyard and the grapes won’t pick themselves. On a vineyard, I suppose there will be a ton of work, but I wouldn’t know because I’m not permitted there—at least not since Barack’s birthday celebration. When I leaped out of the cake, you should have seen the look on his face. The G-string was a bit excessive, and I was also sporting one.

But the media coverage has been absurd. As if transporting refugees from a hot region of Texas to the most opulent vacation destination in the country, where people like Obama, Larry David, and John Kerry call home, is some sort of cruel or brutal punishment today. But given that you are aware of the other residents, perhaps it is cruel? John Taylor Yes, I am aware. I wonder whether he has anything to say.


It’s an island, which is great. And since every liberal celebrity considers themselves to be a supporter of sanctuary cities, why shouldn’t they mix with the migrants they supported from a distance, right?

The governor of Florida claims that funds are available to transport unauthorized immigrants out of his state.

It’s kind of funny how the media would only report on the border crisis when it involved Texas or Florida. Because, you know, who cares? However, they and the Democrats are quite anxious now that the blame has been spread by force. Pay attention to these.

THE OPINION: In my opinion, this is merely political theater.
Using individuals as political pawns, according to MSNBC.
Democrat in Congress: Using immigrants as bargaining chips.
Tim McCain: What is he seeking? In search of a headline.
CHARLIE CRIST: This is yet another repulsive act.

You’re playing with these folks, WHOOPI GOLDBERG. These are actual, real folks who have children and senior citizens. And even though we can figure it out, who wants to play with a bonehead like you?

Illegal immigrants arrive at Martha's Vineyard Airport on Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2022.

After disregarding the migrant drownings, numerous deaths in smugglers’ vehicles, and overdoses from fentanyl entering our border, they accuse us of being heartless. So hold out on your fury, you enormous gasbags. Your main concern is losing the inexpensive help that cuts your hedges and your bikini line. I had been referring to Charlie Crist. It’s very tidy down there. Yes, I’m talking about all those people in New York and Washington, D.C., who were puffed up about being sanctuary cities throughout Trump’s presidency. Okay, Ron?

When Trump was president, all those people in DC and New York were puffing up their chests, proclaiming how pleased they were to be sanctuary cities and how terrible it was to have a secure border. RON DESANTIS the moment anything from the daily struggles that border towns face is brought to their front door. They suddenly lose control and get furious over the situation. And it only serves to demonstrate how false their virtue signaling is.


Brother, it’s you. We are not a sanctuary state, that much is evident, I think.

ROBERT DESANTIS We want people to know that we’re not a sanctuary state and that we don’t provide benefits or anything like that. There are a few sanctuary jurisdictions, which is preferable. The greatest course of action right now is for Biden to protect the border and do his darn job.

You can only cheer me, please. You cannot hear him. It was on tape. True, if the government genuinely implemented the laws, we wouldn’t need to do any of this. Don’t they support policies that are blatantly unjustifiable, after all?

They are promoting policies that are, to put it simply, unacceptable, according to RON DESANTIS. A superpower cannot legitimately claim to have no influence over the territory or borders of its own nation.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis spoke about sending migrants to Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts, Thursday, Sept. 15, 2022.

Well, the reasoning is clear. States that have supported lax border controls and encouraged illegal immigration ought to be made to bear the consequences of their own deeds. They should be thrilled that they would be able to take better care of the migrants than these nasty border states because they advertised themselves as sanctuary states.

It’s ideal that you make fun of border states for raising the issue. So why not try living in a border state for a little while? Numerous millions of illegal immigrants affect border states. Sanctuary states quake in the meantime with thousands. But I have no doubt that the administration is aware of that.

REPORTER: Does the White House maintain that the border is secure as stated?

JEAN-PIERRE, KARINE What we stand by is that we are taking all reasonable steps to ensure that we adhere to the established procedure. In order to ensure that the people we encounter at the border are removed or expelled, we have historical financing to do just that.

Wow. When Dana saw me trying on her pants, she immediately recognized that as me. It’s not like I’m saying, “Hey, don’t keep your bedroom window open,” but Karine would benefit from some Kamala therapy. Maybe some bongos.

BONGOS AND KARINE JEAN-PIERRE: What we stand by is that we are taking all reasonable steps to ensure that we adhere to the established procedure. In order to ensure that the people we encounter at the border are removed or expelled, we have historical financing to do just that.


Bongos. However, in general, it’s alright. Put it away for later. Kimmel should receive some of that. But in essence, a border state is forcing a sanctuary state to walk the talk, which presents a challenge for Florida and Texas detractors. If you believe that those red states are hostile and your state is not, how can you be concerned that migrants are being sent from Florida or Texas to your town? Transporting migrants to your cities, such as Chicago or Philadelphia, isn’t exactly a charitable or bipartisan act.

Unless, of course, you believe sending children there is cruel. And you could be correct. Migrants from Venezuela who travel to the United States discover that liberally run cities can be worse. They discover that Chicago is just Tijuana with more gunshots and that Philly is basically Caracas with cheesesteaks. In Tijuana, at least, the weapons are fired into the air rather than into your bedroom.

Illegal immigrants arrive at Martha's Vineyard Airport on Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2022.

What about Martha’s Vineyard, then? The homes are enormous despite the island’s small size. On the island, small families with spare rooms, like the Obamas, possess multimillion dollar homes. You know, he could house some refugees temporarily. But this time, please, no caged children. And consider how much time will be saved because the low-cost workers will already be present and prepared to set up the tables for Obama’s upcoming over-the-top birthday celebration. The best aspect is, though, what it has done to the fake politicians.

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