Halloween is a big deal in my family, so this year we decorated out our yard with creepy secondhand treasures and eerie outdoor decorations.

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My family loves Halloween, and we’ve decorated our house, held a cidery, and had a frightening wedding. Our theme this year is “I Think You Should Leave,” one of our favorite TV programs. For scary frights, we merged freshly purchased items with vintage treasures and homemade decorations. Receive weekly reviews of the best products and services delivered straight to your email. You take Halloween seriously when your last name is “Brains.” Every year, my family goes all out. We typically keep our display inexpensive by recycling materials and creating our own macabre sceneries. My wife Erin is the brains (pun intended) behind our decorating operation.

We painted (and even torched) a ton of used dolls last year for our “haunted doll” theme to create a twisted display. 2019’s Halloween decorations for Erin’s sister’s frightening wedding were largely completed by our team. Each October, Erin takes a flight to California to assist in setting up a terrifying “ Tortured Orchard ” at her sister’s cidery.

This year’s theme, “The Night That the Skeletons Came to Life,” was inspired by our love with the television program “ I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson .” Two musicians attempt to impress music industry professionals in one episode with a brand-new sound. A ridiculous song about skeletons using bones and worms as currency and pulling people’s hair up but not out is performed by Robinson’s character. I implore you to give the song a listen .

Party City sent me many display items that matched the theme once we decided on one. The steps we took to create eerie scenarios are detailed here, along with some advice for improving your Halloween décor in 2022.

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