Heather Penney, a former fighter pilot, recalls Vice President Cheney’s orders to halt Flight 93 on September 11, 2001.

NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! On September 11, 2022, former D.C. Air National Guard fighter pilot Heather Penney appeared on “Fox and Friends Weekend” to talk about the assignment she received on 9/11.

After two hijacked commercial aircraft, United Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175, were flown into the World Trade Center by members of al-Qaeda, Vice President Dick Cheney reportedly gave the order for fighter pilots to ram United Airlines Flight 93.

“As a brand-new, inexperienced pilot, we had just training ordnance aboard our aircraft. But we were aware that we needed to take off, Penney remembered in an interview with “Fox and Friends Weekend.”

She said, “We realized we had to defend our capital. But gaining the go-ahead to launch and loading real, functioning armaments onto the aircraft were our major obstacles.

Nationwide religious leaders offer prayers, consolation, and hope for our nation on the anniversary of 9/11.

Former fighter pilot Heather Penney recalls the 9/11 mission she was given to stop Flight 93, and the sacrifice she was willing to make.

As “Fox and Friends Weekend presenter Pete Hegseth noted, the planes Penney and her team prepared and piloted for this operation were F-16 Falcons, which are considerably smaller than the commercial aircraft United Airlines employs to transport passengers.

Penney carried out her orders while also considering whether her father, a United Airlines pilot, may be on one of the hijacked aircraft.
She said that she hadn’t received any training for a circumstance like 9/11 on “Fox

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