High rent and crime in Oakland drive away 93-year-old California bakery

On Sunday, a well-liked bakery in Oakland, California, closed its doors for the last time, claiming an increase in violence and the high cost of rent as justifications.

Neldam’s, currently known as A Taste of Denmark, first opened its doors in 1929 and provided decades of community service to Oakland. In 2010, the bakery’s staff changed its name and transformed it into a co-op.

However, the company encountered difficulties when its catering sector suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic. .

Ramon Luna, a co-owner, told FOX 2 San Francisco that “the catering business” makes up a significant portion of their operations. The epidemic made it extremely difficult for us to remain open since it eliminated the catering industry as a whole.

Luna added that the company was having trouble coping with the Bay Area’s skyrocketing rent prices and increased crime rates.
The rent is really expensive. He said, “And we get our windows broken every three weeks.”

Over the weekend, customers paid a final visit to the historic business. One client remarked that his family had eaten at the bakery for five generations.

Concerns about San Francisco’s increasing crime that is harming business grow.

Birthday cakes and every other type of treat have always been available here, according to Larry Baack. “From my grandparents, through my parents, to me, to my children, and finally, to my grandkids.”

Customer Alise Henderson recalled, “I’ve been coming here since I was eight years old, and I’ll be 58 on Saturday.”
Popular delights like cashew curls and vanilla bites were available at the bakery, which specialized in Danish and French pastries.

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