If Stacey Abrams loses, Oprah Winfrey says it will be “very frightening”: Too much is at risk.

On Thursday night, Oprah Winfrey conducted a virtual campaign event for Stacey Abrams, a Democrat running for governor of Georgia.

The event, titled “A Thriving Life!” featured a split-screen dialogue between the two that was pre-recorded as they addressed the candidate’s intentions for the state before her rematch with Republican incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp.

Additionally, Winfrey, 66, supported Abrams in her 2018 rematch with Kemp, which she narrowly lost.
The 49-year-old Abrams never formally surrendered the election, which she claimed was “taken” from her because of purportedly unfair voting procedures and voter suppression.

As you demanded that every single vote be tallied and every voice heard in Georgia, you ended up giving the non-concession speech that was broadcast around the world, Winfrey remarked.

I lost, Abrams said. “People assume I’m puzzled,” I’m not, but I have had the opportunity to spend the last four years engaging in the activities I mentioned.

The lawmaker gained national recognition as a voting rights campaigner after her defeat, making millions from books and lectures.

Abrams utilized the occasion on Thursday to present her program, which calls for the expansion of Medicaid health insurance, the repeal of the six-week abortion prohibition, funding for education and affordable housing, the adoption of “common sense” gun control regulations, and the growth of small businesses.

In addition, Abrams cautioned against “voter apathy,” stating that Georgians were in danger of losing their fundamental liberties.

She stated that voters should support her in order to defend minority voting rights, protections for LGBTQ persons, and defenses against rigged presidential elections from judgments by the US Supreme Court.

Abrams stated, “If we don’t elect me, we won’t have health care for half a million Georgians.” “Our kids will keep attending impoverished schools where transgender kids aren’t allowed to play with their pals.”

We’ll have contentious laws requiring parents to conceal their children’s pasts from them. The LGBTQ community’s members won’t be protected.
Additionally, Abrams declared that Kemp “would attack our freedoms, especially if you’re a woman” if he wins the election.

Because Brian Kemp has shown he doesn’t care and won’t help, she added, “If you want opportunity, freedom, and the capacity to decide your destiny, you need me as governor.”

How may we be of assistance? Winfrey enquired. The most important response is that you vote because there is too much at stake not to. What would happen if you didn’t do all of this, as you’re listing it?

Winfrey continued, “It’s extremely terrifying. I am aware that you are not the fearful sort of woman. You don’t reside in a place of fear. But don’t you find this sluggishness profoundly concerning?

Winfrey observed that because laws are in place to maintain checks and balances, people believe their rights are safeguarded.
We’ve discovered that the checks and balances don’t work as intended, she remarked.
The talk show presenter asserted that she thinks Abrams is called to help others “achieve better, live better, and succeed in their life.”

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