In a jailhouse interview, Ghislaine Maxwell refers to Prince Andrew as her “dear friend,” disproving his claims that they were not close.

In an interview with the Mail on Sunday conducted in a jailhouse, Ghislaine Maxwell discussed her “dear friend,” Prince Andrew. Previously, Andrew’s attorneys argued that the two are not close in court records. This is disputed by a number of publications, which contend that they might have even dated in the past. Subscribe to our daily newsletter to receive exclusive analysis, news, and trends in your inbox. Thank you for registering! In a rare jailhouse interview, Ghislaine Maxwell referred to Prince Andrew with a loving phrase, possibly undercutting the Duke of York’s assertions that the two aren’t very close.

Maxwell, who received a 20-year prison term for sex-trading girls for Jeffrey Epstein, referred to Andrew as her “close friend” in an interview with the Mail on Sunday, , according to the publication.

Maxwell, 60, continued in the summertime interview from the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York, saying Andrew is “paying such a price” for his relationship with Epstein.

She admitted to the Mail on Sunday that she cares about him and feels terrible for him.

Virginia Giuffre sued Andrew in August of last year. She said that when she was 17 years old, Epstein, Maxwell, and Andrew forced her to have sex with Andrew in Maxwell’s London residence. After rejecting the accusations, Andrew and Giuffre came to an amicable agreement.

Giuffre’s attorneys described Andrew as a “close friend” of Maxwell in her complaint. This was disputed by Andrew’s legal team, and many people have questioned this assertion.

An ex-royal police officer was quoted in an earlier Insider article as calling the denial “nonsense” and stating that he had seen Maxwell and Andrew together at least a dozen times. They were frequently spotted together in the late 1990s and early 2000s, , and there were even rumors that they were dating.

Andrew and Maxwell were so close that Buckingham Palace employees even believed they were dating, according to two people who were consulted for the ITV documentary “Ghislaine, Prince Andrew and the Paedophile.”

In his infamous BBC Newsnight interview from November 2019, Andrew claimed to have known Maxwell since her time in college.

She responded to the Mail on Sunday when told by Andrew’s attorneys that she and the Duke of York are not close: “I accept that this friendship could not survive my conviction.”

Maxwell expressed her doubt that their friendship can ever fully rekindle. She told the news organization, “I don’t have an expectation.” Whoever they may be, the people I have been close to and have been friends with, I can’t imagine what they will wish to do or not do. I have only myself to control.

The Mail on Sunday also questioned Maxwell regarding the famed photo of her with Andrew and Virginia Roberts, who was then 17 years old and is now Guiffre.

In his assertion that the image was altered, Andrew said that he had cause to suspect—but no proof of—its falsity. Despite experts claiming it is authentic, Maxwell concurred with this in the interview, according to the Mail on Sunday.

The press office for the Duke of York declined to comment.

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