In a video “last message” to his followers, Andrew Tate bemoans the removal of his hate speech from social media and declares that he “champions” women.

On August 23, YouTuber Andrew Tate shared a video of his “last message” to his followers on Vimeo. Tate claimed he believed he could have become a “champion for women” if Instagram had not barred him. Due to his misogynistic and hateful speech, he has also been banned from Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok. Morning Brew is read by more than 3 million people; you should too! Controversial influencer Andrew Tate said he might have become a “fighter for women’s rights” after being barred from four social media sites for posting misogynistic material in what was dubbed a “last statement” on August 23.

Tate, a kickboxer turned influencer, earned notoriety among men’s rights activists and far-right influencers after making derogatory and violent remarks about women. Tate has amassed millions of followers on social media.

Following the publication of several articles exposing Tate’s controversial comments, the social media platforms Meta (which owns Facebook and Instagram), TikTok, and YouTube all banned him, citing violations of their content policies and community guidelines, including hate speech and misogynistic remarks.

“Andrew Tates Final Message” is an hour-and-13-minute video that was uploaded to Vimeo by an account using the login @FreeTopG. Despite the channel’s existence since 2011, Tate’s video is the only one there right now.

Tate spoke on his removal from Meta in the video, noting that while he is “quite understanding” and “not upset” about the platform’s choice, the removal “doesn’t allow me to alter the public consciousness in a productive manner.”

Tate said that he didn’t think his Instagram images or captions broke the network’s rules and that the platform ought to have given him a warning instead.

, which is on Vimeo.

“They ought to have said, “Andrew, some statements have been taken out of context,” in my opinion. You must take care to prevent that from happening. Many people pay attention to you, and I could have fought for women’s rights “said he.

He said that he thinks “a male has certain roles in society, and a woman has certain roles in society,” and that he believes in “protecting women” and “championing women.”

“I don’t believe these opinions are at anyway contentious. I believe they were popular only a few years ago,” Tate said, adding that many of his remarks had been “taken out of context” in an effort to harm his reputation.”

Tate stated that he wants to continue to “advocate for males,” claiming that he is the only “male role model” on the internet and that young men look up to him because of his “enormous wealth.”

“Being active online will enable me to influence men in a really positive way. It’s either me or nobody, he continued after saying that “banning and deleting me leaves a black hole.”

Tate expressed his hope that Instagram will eventually end its prohibition so he could resume posting content, but in the end he added, “God will decide how I should proceed. I won’t have an Instagram page if God thinks I don’t need one.”

In the video, Tate avoided addressing his suspensions from TikTok and YouTube.

The effectiveness of the prohibitions is unknown because Tate’s language frequently appears in content that isn’t his own and goes viral. According to Insider’s Kieran Press-Reynolds, a number of fan accounts that posted videos of Tate are still active on TikTok, and it is simple to find his recordings there.

In order to gain views and engagement, The Observer found evidence that Tate’s followers were instructed to upload footage of Tate on social media and encouraged to pick contentious clips. Tate stated that he adjusted his strategy for using social media early this year and “ended up completely everywhere” in a recent podcast with Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports.

Tate has a lengthy history of making contentious remarks. His first major media appearance came when he was removed from the 2016 season of the British reality series “Big Brother” after an after a video surfaced video surfaced showing him slapping a lady with a belt. Tate said that the roleplay in the video was consent-based.

He has made claims about hitting women , claimed he needs authority over women , and men and women are not equal in a number of films. He added that they put themselves “in a position to be raped” on Twitter that he believes rape victims must “bear some responsibility” . Since then, his account has been suspended.

When Insider contacted Tate for comment, she did not answer.
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