In the past, Biden has called reporters “dumb sons of a b—-” and told them to “get educated.”

In keeping with tradition, President Biden yelled at reporters last week when they questioned him about his lack of campaign appearances before the midterm elections and abortion restrictions.

Throughout his presidency, Biden has frequently displayed hostility toward the media despite the reliable liberal slant of the mainstream media. He has called a reporter a “child,” frequently talks down to media professionals, labeled Kelly O’Donnell of News in the Oval Office a “pain in the neck” for asking about a Veterans Affairs vaccine requirement, and even called Peter Doocy of Fox News a “dumb son of a b——.”

The White House came under fire last week over Biden’s limited schedule after various reports said that Democrats in close races saw him as a liability. When a reporter questioned Biden on Thursday as he was making his way to Marine One, it was clear that he didn’t find it amusing.

After the reporter inquires about the number of candidates running alongside him, Biden responds, “COUNT, KID, COUNT.”
John Fetterman will be with you today in Pennsylvania, but not many candidates have been campaigning alongside you. Why?’ a journalist queried.
That is untrue. There were fifteen. Biden retorted, “Count, kid, count.”
Are there going to be more, the reporter pressed?
Before moving on to another reporter who felt his ire, Biden swiftly said, “Yeah.”

When a separate member of the media questioned if there should be any restrictions on abortion, Biden moved away from the female reporter whom he referred to as a “child.” After Biden stated that there should be limitations, the reporter inquired as to what those limitations should be.

Roe v. Wade! After dismissing follow-up questions, Biden remarked, “Read it, man, you’ll get educated, then run to Marine One.
In the past, Biden has reacted angrily or sarcastically to harsher questions despite frequently receiving softball inquiries from supportive members of the press.

“Jack, read the polls. When asked by a reporter earlier this year what he would say to Democrats who didn’t want him to run for a second term, Biden replied, “You guys are all the same. Since at least the 1600s, according to Merriam-Webster, “the term Jack has been used to refer generally to a male, and specifically an impolite or annoying guy.”


When questioned about the economist’s possible recession warning in June, Biden became agitated and yelled at the reporter.

Most of them aren’t saying that, though. Please refrain from making things up. Biden remarked, “Now you sound like a Republican politician.” I’m kidding, I made that up.

When CNN’s Kaitlan Collins stated that Biden was optimistic that Russian President Vladimir Putin may alter his nefarious behavior, Biden reprimanded her last year.

I’m not convinced he’ll change his conduct, Biden muttered to Collins as he turned around to leave a press conference. How in the hell do you spend your days?

Biden raised a finger as Collins attempted to reply and continued, “When did I say I was confident? Let’s be clear about this. I claimed that the only thing that will alter their behavior is how the rest of the world views them and treats them. Nothing inspires confidence in me. I’m just stating the obvious.

If she couldn’t comprehend why their meeting was successful, he told her she was in the “wrong business,” and he left.
Afterward, Biden expressed regret for approaching Collins in a “smart guy” manner.


When Biden lost his cool with radio host Charlamagne tha God in 2020 and famously shouted, “You ain’t Black, if you vote for Trump,” he used the same “smart guy” excuse.

His son, Hunter Biden, whose infamous, scandal-riddled laptop has long been a thorn in his administration’s side, is another subject that is known to get Biden worked up.

A CBS reporter inquired about the New York Post’s story on the younger Biden’s laptop and emails regarding his employment with a Ukrainian energy business days before the 2020 election.

What is Mr. Biden’s answer to the New York Post article concerning his son, please? asked Bo Erickson.

Biden said, “I know you’d ask it.” “I don’t have an answer; it’s just another smear campaign, exactly up your alley; those are the things you constantly ask,” the speaker said.

The authenticity of the laptop has already been confirmed by other news outlets.

The following month, when Biden was president-elect, Erickson again clashed with him when he shouted out a query about whether he would urge teachers’ unions to support the effort to get pupils back in the schools.

Why are you the only one who always screams out questions, Biden retorted?
“WHAT A STUPID QUESTION,” BIDEN snubs the FOX News reporter who pressed him on the escalating conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Additionally, he retaliated in 2019 when questioned about whether his son’s job in Ukraine created a conflict of interest given the older Biden’s diplomatic ties to the nation as vice president.

There is no conflict of interest here. At a Service Employees International Union conference in Los Angeles, Biden stated that there has been no sign of any conflicts of interest.

The reporter then questioned whether Biden’s son’s employment appeared to be a conflict of interest, which prompted Biden to turn the conversation to then-President Donald Trump.

Biden snarled, “I’m not going to answer to that.” Think about this man. No president has ever done what he is doing.
The president frequently appears angry when asked questions about Hunter Biden, but occasionally he just seems frustrated by questions he doesn’t like.

When a reporter from the Associated Press suggested that Biden’s daily goal of one million coronavirus vaccines was too low in 2021, Biden said, “Gimme a break.”

Miller was informed by Biden that “when I announced it, you all said it was not conceivable.” “Come on, man, give me a break.”

Additionally, Doocy, who covered Biden throughout the campaign and is now a White House correspondent, has a habit of making him appear agitated. When Doocy questioned Biden in January about whether or not inflation was a political risk for him, Biden referred to him as a “dumb son of a b——” on a hot mic.

Doocy dismissed the remark, but Biden had previously called the Fox News reporter unprofessional.

Hunter Biden responded, “No, it’s a private matter,” when Doocy inquired about a court document from 2019 that revealed Biden had fathered a kid with an Arkansas woman. I have nothing to say. You alone would ask that, though. You are a decent dude. You are a decent dude. Classy.’

When Doocy brought out the meager crowd sizes in Iowa, where Biden would ultimately place fourth in the caucuses before later reviving his campaign in South Carolina, Biden likewise became defensive.


I am aware that you will pursue me no matter what. It’s good and it’s OK. I’m a mature boy. I’m up for it. You didn’t ask me why I continue to lead in every poll, as I see. Biden said to Doocy, “I see you didn’t ask me how I feel about the new CNN survey.

Jacqui Heinrich of Fox News allegedly posed a “dumb question” regarding how to respond to Russian aggression against Ukraine earlier this year, according to Biden.

Another notorious incident occurred at Biden’s lengthy news conference in January when the vice president scolded a reporter who inquired about his contentious comparisons of political opponents to segregationist leaders like George Wallace and Bull Connor.

Biden retorted, “No, I didn’t say that.” Observe what I stated. Reread what I stated, and let me know whether you think I referred to anyone who voted in favor of the position Bull Connor took as Bull Connor. What an intriguing reading of the English language. I’m assuming you entered journalism because you enjoy writing.

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