Is Biden a divider or a unifier? Americans in Oregon and Pennsylvania weigh in

NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! People in Portland, Oregon, and Allentown, Pennsylvania, discussed whether they believed President Biden had brought the nation together or divided it.

One Allentown woman told Fox News, “Divided it.” He doesn’t love our country the way he should because he isn’t doing what he should be for it, and I believe that he isn’t truly.

However, Roxy, another female, said: “He wants to bring people together. I simply feel like things are so difficult right now. You must exert all of your effort.”

According to a survey by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, President Biden’s approval rating increased from a low of 36% in July to 45%, helped in part by a substantial gain in Democratic support for Biden (78% up from 65% in July).

Biden pledged to bring the nation together on both the campaign trail and Inauguration Day, but many Americans claimed he had done the opposite.


President Biden's approval rating rose to 45%, according to an AP-NORC poll.

One Pennsylvanian told Fox News, “I think since he’s been in presidency, things have just turned awry.” “Gas prices have increased, the property market is in freefall, and the crisis has deepened. There are simply too many to mention.”

In June, the national average gas price was $5 per gallon; however, over the previous 30 days, prices have dropped approximately 50 cents per gallon. According to the real estate firm Redfin, the average home is selling for less than its asking price for the first time since March 2021.

Residents of Texas believe that President Biden ought to visit the southern border to observe the issues with mass migration.

According to an Allentown resident who spoke with Fox News, “I think he’s done a decent job attempting to unite the country.” “He hasn’t always been perfect, but no president is ever expected to be. However, I believe he has done a much better job than his predecessor.”

The White House claims that Biden’s expensive last-minute trip to Delaware to vote was the best option for his schedule.

One woman in Allentown, Pennsylvania, said she felt President Biden was divisive and that he did not love the country the way he should.

Biden was also likened to former President Donald Trump by a number of other people.

Trump caused division in the country when he assumed office, according to Carol, a Portlander. “Nothing can be changed by one individual. It necessitates teamwork.”
Everyone is currently so divided on a wide range of subjects that any candidate for office will have difficulties, Carol remarked.

A Portland man, Jon, said he does not see a way out of the divisiveness America is experiencing right now.

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