Isaiah Washington discusses his choice of performing roles, faith-based movies, and how starting a family has affected them.

YouTube NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! Isaiah Washington is being up about the impact fatherhood has had on his acting career.

The 59-year-old actor said he considers his wife and three children when picking his parts in television and movies in an interview with Fox News Digital at a special screening of his film “God’s Not Dead : We The People.”

Washington said on the red carpet in Century City, California, “I always told my wife, because I have the kids and a wife, that I would sooner kiss a horse than a woman on TV.”

Because I would then have to explain to my kid why I was kissing a stranger, he continued.


Washington said, “I’ve said No more than I have said Yes,” before clarifying that he was joking.

“Because I always wanted to be alive to know what my kids would think of me in that particular role 20 years later,” concluded

andquot;God's Not Dead: We the Peopleandquot; star Isaiah Washington told Fox News Digital how he is mindful of his wife and three children when taking on roles in television and movies.


For me, getting married and having kids changed a lot of things, he admitted. “I didn’t want to get married 25 years ago for that reason, but I’m glad I did because a wife and kids truly help you become the best person you can be.”

In 1996, the “Romeo Must Die” actor wed Jenisa Garland. Tyme, Isaiah Washington V, and Iman are the couple’s boys; they also have a daughter.

Washington said that he recently solicited their assistance in developing a greeting video for his directorial debut “Corsicana,” despite saying that his kids “have no interest” in following in his footsteps and making acting their vocation.

Washington said, “I rallied my team. “I really well learned that my daughter is going to be a director, my son is going to be a special effects, scripting, and narrative boarder, and my other son is going to be a producer,” the author said.

We all gathered, and we produced this video.

Iman, he continued, takes her responsibilities as a director extremely seriously. “She yelled, “Oh no, no, you have to do it again,” when I stepped out of line. You didn’t convince me. I said, “Whoa.””

Washington claimed that his daughter insisted he record many takes in order to make sure he sounded genuine in the video. “Wait a minute, I’m just being me,” I say.

And she added, “Yes, but I don’t think you’re really you. Stop doing that.”
It was lovely, he said. She was pointing the way for me.
Isaiah Washington, a star of “Grey’s Anatomy,” reignites his feud with KATHERINE HEIGL, a former co-star.

Washington, who was most known for his performance on “Grey’s Anatomy” before being dismissed, an occurrence about which he has talked publicly, not only stars in but also directs the Western drama “Corsicana.” On August 26, the movie opened in theaters all throughout the country.

According to Washington He was inspired by Tom Cruise to write a pre-film greeting for “Corsicana” viewers. The welcome video for Cruise’s smash 2022 movie “Top Gun: Maverick,” the follow-up to his beloved 1986 picture “Top Gun,” was aired before screenings.

The Texas native claimed to have long had a passion for religious movies. He said, “I’ve always wondered how I can participate in these kinds of stories, faith-based stories, but I didn’t know how.

Washington told Fox News Digital that a producer reached out to him via Twitter and invited him to participate in “God’s Not Dead: We The People.” He portrayed Rep. Daryl Smith in the October 2021 release of the Christian drama, a Congressman who assists Reverend Dave Hill, the movie’s central character (David A.R. White).

Production on a fifth installment of the andquot;God's Not Deadandquot; franchise is set for later this year. Pictured: Pure Flix founding partner Michael Scott, actress Cory Oliver, actor and Pure Flix founding partner David A.R. White, actor Dean Cain and Washington.

He remarked, “I’m always drawn to tales and people who either frighten me, teach me, or have something to say that I also have to tell. “So that I may communicate with them and say what I want to say. Additionally, Congressman Daryl Smith is a persona that allows me to remain anonymous while sort of saying things that I would never say; it functions as my alter ego.”

Along with William Forsythe, Francesca Battistelli, Antonio Sabato Jr., and Fox News personality Judge Jeanine Pirro, “God’s Not Dead: We The People” also features these actors.

Washington said he believed Pirro was “great” in the movie even though they didn’t work together on it during production.

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