Journalist for ProPublica ridiculed for circulating “pathetic” rumors about 20-year-old DeSantis: “The walls are closing in”

Alec MacGillis, a reporter for ProPublica, was made fun of on Twitter for saying that a piece of long-forgotten rumor about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican, was alarming.

On Saturday, MacGillis posted a lengthy article by Joshua Chaffin from the Financial Times that compared the governor of Florida to “Donald Trump with brains and without the theatrics.” In the extensive investigation on DeSantis, MacGillis drew attention to a second-hand tale of the governor as a Yale University undergrad who supposedly would break up with dates because of their reaction to his pronouncing of the phrase “Thai food.”

‘Yikes: ‘

A pal claims that DeSantis would tell dates that he like Thai food but would pronounce it as “thigh.” Finch predicted that if they corrected him, he would find a reason to quit. According to MacGillis’ tweet, “He didn’t want a girlfriend who corrected him.”

The tale was taken from author Charles Finch’s pandemic memoir, “What Just Happened: Notes on a Long Year,” in which Finch remembered what he knew about DeSantis when they were both students at the same university.

Joy Reid and Jemele Hill attribute the popularity of Desantis among Hispanics to racism and “proximity to whiteness.”
The comment and the charge were ridiculed on social media as a bad demonstration of journalistic pique and an assault on DeSantis.

‘I mean. Harris imprisoned innocent individuals in prison to boost her career, and Biden frequented segregationist gatherings. But this is also wrong. I think,” tweeted Chad Felix Greene, a Republican commentator.

This is what they are throwing at DeSantis, Red State managing editor Jennifer Van Laar noted. Pathetic. Additionally, no one wants a partner that corrects them, and it’s a pretty poor indicator if they do it on the first date.

“You people need to store this things for a few years,” I said. Pace yourselves,’ Stephen Miller, a contributing editor for The Spectator, said.

Journalist Mark Hyman made fun of the organization, tweeting, “@propublica must be very proud. Where do they find such brilliant journalists that undertake these deep-dive studies on crucial problems. What flavor ice cream did the president eat is the next topic.

‘Guys. I believe DeSantis is being surrounded by walls. Finally, they have him in a corner. I don’t think he’ll make it through the controversy caused by a British newspaper’s revelation that, 25 years ago, when he was a student, he once mispronounced the word Thai as thigh. Journalist Ezra Levant of Rebel News stated that “everything is over.”

Caleb Howe, editor of Mediaiate, tweeted, “THIS IS WHY PULITZERS.”
Joy Reid asserts that Desantis has transformed Florida into a “modern-day Jim Crow.”
MacGillis stood by the tweet and his assertion that this allegation about DeSantis was “striking” in the face of several tweets denouncing him.

In response to one critic’s comment, “Damn Alec,” he said: Being one of the few remaining real objective journalists, you choose to emphasize a “friendhearsay “‘s from 20 years ago. Disappointing.’

‘Taken note of. I do, however, have enough confidence in the FT reporter and the quoted author to reference it. It’s a minor yet eye-catching touch,” MacGillis retorted.

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