Miranda Lambert’s supporters speak out after TikTok users criticize her size

On the 2019 Academy of Country Music Awards red carpet, country singer Miranda Lambert made her first public appearance with her new husband, Brendan McLoughlin.

NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! Following criticism of Miranda Lambert’s weight in a recent trending TikTok video, her supporters are standing up for her.

On the video-sharing website TikTok earlier this week, a video of Lambert performing “Drunk (And I Don’t Wanna Go Home)” on stage during a recent concert went viral. With a t-shirt, denim shorts, and cowboy boots on, the 38-year-old musician thrilled the crowd.

Some individuals, however, questioned Lambert’s physique and made jokes about it, saying she looked chubby and unwell. According to Page Six , one user referred to the vocalist as “Miranda HAMbert.” After their 2015 divorce, some made fun of Lambert by saying her ex-husband Blake Shelton “dodged a bullet.”

One commenter joked, “Blake sure did better,” while another questioned, “Wait did she eat Blake?” Lambert should “go to the gym” and “blend in a salad” to her diet, according to additional comments on the video.

Miranda Lambert's fans jumped to her defense after users on TikTok made hateful posts regarding her weight and appearance.

After some on TikTok made offensive comments about Miranda Lambert’s weight and appearance, her supporters defended her. (Getty Pictures) )

The sexist remarks were not well received by Lambert’s supporters, who rapidly came to her rescue against many of her detractors, many of whom were men.

One user responded with 6,000 likes, “Only BOYS complaining about her weight that aren’t even in her laugh.” “Have you seen her man, I mean? She is stunning.”

“I like that only men are remarking on her weight. Another admirer remarked, “She looks amazing,” while a male admirer said, “That is a fine fine woman right there.”

A user wrote, “Others voiced disappointment about the disparagement of Lambert’s weight.” “I want to stay at home forever after reading these remarks. We are the same size, and I find her to be really attractive.”

Lamber wed Brendan McLoughlin, a former NYPD cop, in a covert ceremony in 2019. Only two months after first meeting, the couple were married, and they frequently share sweet videos and pictures on social media.

Lambert said to People Magazine in June of last year, “I just don’t give two figs about peoples opinion of me, my marriage, my music, or anything else.” I only care that I’m being authentic.

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