Mother cries out as NYC man accused of shooting McDonald’s employee over cold French fries is charged: report

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NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! Read this article. According to reports, New York City police have apprehended and charged a 20-year-old male suspected of shooting a McDonald’s employee after a dispute over lukewarm French fries.

In connection with the incident that took place on Monday in the city’s Brooklyn borough, 20-year-old Michael Morgan is accused of attempted murder and criminal possession of a firearm, according to a tweet from NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell. Two counts of criminal possession of a weapon are also brought against Camellia Dunlap, an 18-year-old who has been named in media sources as his girlfriend.

“I discussed my son with the police. Following his arrest, Morgan’s mother, Lisa Fulmore, told the New York Post that her son was simply saying that he had to do what he had to do and the “victim” had come after him and whatever had happened, had happened.

According to law enforcement officials, Morgan allegedly shot a 23-year-old worker outside a McDonald’s restaurant after his mother argued with a worker there about an order of lukewarm french fries.

The dispute spilled out from the fast food restaurant into the street, according to authorities.

According to the officials, the argument moved from the fast food establishment to the street. (Maps on Google)

The employee, who according to the authorities was shot in the neck, was still in critical condition on Tuesday at a nearby hospital.
Fulmore told the New York Post that when she asked to talk to a manager at the McDonald’s, the staff made fun of her.

Debra Dunlap, Camellia’s 66-year-old grandmother, told the New York Post, “I think it would have been solved if one they just gave the lady some hot french fries and let her been on her way.”

McDonald's, in a statement, said it is andquot;praying for a swift recovery and the health of our crew member and will cooperate with authorities as their investigation moves forward.andquot;

In a statement, McDonald’s said it was “pray{ing} for a fast recovery and the health of our staff member” and that it “will cooperate with authorities as their investigation proceeds forward.” (iStock)

“I really hope the boy makes it. I do, really. I don’t want anyone to die, Dunlap continued. “I apologize to anyone who was shot. There are too many weapons and items. Too many firearms are on the streets.

In a statement to NBC 4 NY, McDonald’s said, “Violence has no place in or around our restaurants. The safety and well-being of our patrons and workers are vital to our organization.

The argument that led to the shooting started over an order of cold french fries, reports say.

According to reports, the fight that resulted in the shooting began over a delivery of cold french fries. (iStock)

The statement continued, “We are hoping for a speedy recovery and the well-being of our crew member and will assist authorities as their investigation develops.
Stephen Sorace from Fox News contributed to this story.

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