Nick Jonas turns 30: His transformation into a lady father

YouTube NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! On Friday, Nick Jonas turns 30 and is prepared to have a party.

The Jonas Brothers member posted a video of himself getting into a car with a “Happy Birthday” banner on it on Instagram on Thursday. Priyanka Chopra, his wife, was there to greet him.

He posted a video of himself approaching the car while 50 Cent music was playing, writing the comment “Here we go #30.”
Here’s a look back at how Jonas became a first-time father and how he progressed toward finding true happiness.

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In a cheeky photo, Nick Jones can be seen nibbling on wife Priyanka Chopra’s backside.

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The Jonas Brothers began working for Disney in 2007 until their show "Jonas" was canceled in 2010.

When Jonas was 12 years old, he and his brothers were signed by Columbia Records in 2005 and the Jonas Brothers was formed. Not too long after their first album “Its About Time” was released, the band began working with Disney by covering songs from their movies and writing theme songs for their shows.

The following year, in 2007, the band was dropped from their record label and signed with Disneys Hollywood Records. Disney heavily promoted their song “Year 3,000,” making it a hit. Through Disney, they released a second album in August 2007 and started appearing on some networks shows.

They continued to tour and release albums under their contract with Disney, and even appeared in two Disney Channel original movies, “Camp Rock” and “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam.” The cracks in the bands foundation started in 2009 when they started a scripted show on Disney Channel called “Jonas.”

“It was a big regret,” Nick said in the documentary about the band. “We shouldnt have done that. It really stunted our growth. I feel like it was just a bad move. It was just not the time. Literally, we couldnt evolve because of it.”

In the documentary, the brothers claimed the show led to a lot of disagreements between them and once the show was canceled in 2010, they began solo projects.


The Jonas Brothers officially announced their breakup in October 2013, just days before their tour was about to begin.

The brothers were seeking for a method to demonstrate their maturity when their Disney show ended, and each decided to achieve this in a unique way. Nick founded the band Nick Jonas and The Administration and collaborated with them on the album “Who I Am.”

Then, Nick returned to Broadway, where his career began, where he starred in the play “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” and appeared in a guest role on the smash NBC program “Smash.” After this separation, there were rumors that the band would reunite, but in October 2013, they made their breakup official.

The news was made shortly before the start of their tour and soon after the release of their fifth album, which they ultimately decided to discard.

Back then, a band representative told People “Within the band, there is a significant divide. Over their musical direction, there was a lot of contention.”


After the Jonas Brothers broke up, Nick Jonas continued to find success as a solo performer, releasing two more albums and appearing in movies and TV.

Jonas experienced great success as a solo performer following the dissolution of the Jonas Brothers. At this time, he released the solo albums “Nick Jonas” and “Last Year was Complicated.” Hit tracks like “Chains” and “Jealous” were featured on these popular albums.

He continued to work as an actor, appearing in both films and television programs. “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle,” “Scream Queens,” and “Kingdom” all offered Jonas roles. He acknowledged that getting these jobs wasn’t always simple for him.

Before coming back together, Nick Jones claims that the Jones Brothers “SPENT A YEAR BASICALLY DOING THERAPY.”

“It has not at all been simple. In the beginning, there was a lot of preference for the projects I had already completed, and I had been eager to go a fresh route and work on something challenging “He had before spoken to Vanity Fair. But I’ve been jumping right in with all of my acting gigs, and I believe the effort is paying off.


Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra shocked fans when they announced they were a couple. They kept fans updated throughout their week-long wedding in India, educating them about the traditions of her culture.

Fans were astounded to learn about the relationship between Jonas and Priyanka Chopra and were enthralled by their week-long wedding celebration in India in December 2018. Fans could follow along because the pair posted social media updates about their nuptials.

Along with the couple’s 10-year age difference, there have been many concerns about Jonas’ ability to integrate into and truly appreciate Chopra’s culture.

“India suited Nick like a fish to water. However, much as in a normal relationship, you must be aware of each other’s customs and preferences “In 2021, Chopra spoke to The Sunday Times. “So, rather than trying to find out obstacles, it’s more like an adventure. Nothing was all that difficult.”

The couple is still together and just had a baby daughter through surrogacy.


In February 2019, the Jonas Brothers released their first single together in six years. At the same time, they announced an album and an upcoming tour.

The brothers officially announced their reunion and the arrival of a new album as well as a forthcoming tour in February 2019, when they released their first song together in six years.

“Sucker” was their first song to release after getting back together. The brothers’ girlfriends, known as the J sisters, appeared in the music video together with all of their other significant others. The brothers attribute one of the primary reasons they were able to reunite as a band to the filming of their documentary.

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