Republican who opposes medical abortion chastised by CSPAN callers: “Biggest hypocrite God ever made.”

NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! On CSPAN’s phone lines on Friday, callers slammed a House Republican who opposes abortion, accusing him of hypocrisy, haughtiness, and “playing God” for standing up for the freedom of medical professionals to abstain from abortions.

Georgia Republican Rep. Buddy Carter has voiced objection to the Biden administration’s recent push to require pharmacists to give patients abortifacient medications. In July, the Department of Health and Human Services released guidance declared that pharmacists who refuse to supply abortifacients are in violation of federal civil rights statutes. This was shortly after the Supreme Court overruled Roe v Wade and granted the states the authority to control abortion.

Before being elected to Congress, Carter worked as a pharmacist. He said that the instruction interferes with the doctor-patient interaction and runs counter to pharmacists’ training in patient health protection. Additionally, he said that it is against the law for pharmacists to refuse to fill prescriptions for contraceptive medicines in several states.

On Friday morning’s “Washington Journal” program on CSPAN, Carter discussed his bill before sitting and listening to accusations being hurled at him.
Democrats reject Graham’s radical proposal to extend the window for abortion to 15 weeks.

Rep. Buddy Carter, R-Ga., attends a news conference with members of the GOP Doctors Caucus after a meeting of the House Republican Conference in the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, Jan. 19, 2022. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images)

A caller on the Democratic line stated, “You’re a good illustration of the pride and arrogance of the white male Christian in this nation, and if you don’t want to administer these meds maybe you shouldn’t be a pharmacist.”

The caller continued, “I’d just like to say that I always believed Sherman didn’t do enough in Georgia,” presumably alluding to the Civil War’s burning of most of Atlanta.

On the Democratic line, another caller remarked, “I think he’s the worst hypocrite that God made.”

Two other callers stated that Carter’s position on abortion is hypocritical because he does not provide adequate care for children after they are born. One of the callers was on the Democratic line, while the other was on the Independent line.

Ahead of midterm elections, some voters still view abortion as a crucial issue.

What do you personally do to protect the born, particularly unarmed Black individuals that the cops will shoot on the spot? You have no problem trying to protect the unborn. a caller stated. How many people of color have you adopted from foster care?

Carter’s anti-abortion stance, according to another on the Independent line, will only result in the birth of more unwanted children.

The caller explained, “I was reared as an outsider. “My entire life, I felt unloved and unwelcome. You are encouraging something that I wouldn’t want anyone to experience. One million unwanted babies will be born every year; what will you do with them?”

On the Democratic line, a caller inquired, “When are you going to stop playing God?” “Allow God to be God. I don’t understand why you are so interested in other people’s affairs. Leave the abortion industry and the absurd culture wars alone. We’re over this.”

David Trujillo holds a sign a bus drives by on the street in front of a building housing an abortion provider in Dallas, Thursday, Oct. 7, 2021.

Throughout the episode, Carter made it clear that he thinks pharmacists have a moral right to refuse to fill a prescription if they know doing so will damage a kid, and that his legislation is intended to stop the federal government from coercing pharmacists.

Carter replied, “These callers are saying you shouldn’t be making that decision. But are you saying that someone else will decide to make me do it in order to force me to do it?

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