Royal expert explains why Princess Anne, known as “the hardest working” royal, keeps her life private.

NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! One royal specialist claims that Princess Anne, the only child of Queen Elizabeth II, has earned the reputation as the royal who works the hardest while avoiding the spotlight.

She instilled the virtues of keeping her personal affairs private in her two children, whom she chose not to bestow royal titles on.

The 72-year-old Anne does not enjoy the royal spotlight, according to royal critic Richard Fitzwilliam, which is why she has maintained her privacy over the years.

PRINCESS IMG Anne is a country girl at heart and has never regarded becoming famous as being the hardest working royal, according to DOC

He said, “One of the reasons Princess Anne prefers it that way is that not much is known about her. “Despite being the member of the Royal Family that works the hardest, she dislikes publicity. She has always astounded us with her style.”

However, since her mother Queen Elizabeth II passed away on September 8, Anne has taken a more prominent role in the ceremonies honoring the late monarch.

The queen’s coffin was transported from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall on Wednesday by Princess Anne, King Charles III, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward. The queen will lay in state there until her funeral on Monday.

Britain's King Charles III, left, and Princess Anne follow the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II during a procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall.


Fitzwilliam said, “The fact that she was with The Queen’s body is crucial because it was a symbol of how important she is to the Royal Family. “She is a strong ally of King Charles. She won’t be doing more because there is nothing more she could possible do for the family given all that she now does.”

Following Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, Anne had earlier revealed in a statement that she had also spent her mother’s final 24 hours with her at Balmoral Castle.

“I had the good fortune to witness my dearest mother’s final 24 hours. It has been a delight and an honor to travel with her on her last trips. It has been both humble and inspiring to see the love and respect that so many have demonstrated on these excursions “The sentence was read.

Princess Anne was with Queen Elizabeth II for last 24 hours of her life.

“We will all have special memories to share. I extend my gratitude to everyone who understands our sense of loss, “Anne went on. “She may have served as a reminder of how much we took for granted about her presence and contribution to our sense of national identity. I am also incredibly appreciative of the kindness and sympathy shown to my loving brother Charles as he takes on the additional duties of The Monarch.”

The princess wrote, “To my mother, The Queen, thank you,” before signing her message.


Along with the other senior members of the royal family, Anne will attend Her Majesty’s state funeral on Monday. Peter Phillips and Zara Tindall, Anne’s children, are also anticipated to attend.

Like herself, Anne desired to allow her children to lead private lives away from the spotlight.

After their birth, she did not confer royal titles on her two children, Peter, 44, and Zara, 41; as a result, they are private citizens. To give her children a chance at a “normal” life, Anne took this choice.

Shannon Felton Spence, a royal authority, outlined to Fox News Digital why none of Anne’s children could ever have become a prince or princess.

Princess Anne, Princess Royal, has opted to keep her life private.

Princess Anne’s children do not have titles, according to the letters patent, which state that a sovereign’s grandchildren may only inherit through a male heir.


“When their father wed Princess Anne, they received a title, and Anne certainly inherited the title of Princess Royal. The titles that their children could have received at that time, however, would not have been Prince and Princess but rather Duke and Duchess or Lady and Master, for example.”

Anne did not give her children, Zara and Peter Phillips, royal titles.

Like other members of the royal family, Anne maintains a private life, as do her children, yet scandal did not escape Anne as she attempted to live in the public glare. When the Princess Royal was still wed to her first husband Mark Phillips, rumors say she had an affair with her personal bodyguard.

Since the 1970s, when allegations first surfaced, Anne has been notoriously linked to her relationship with Peter Cross. Cross worked with Scotland Yard as a policeman before being put in charge of Anne’s security detail in 1979.

The suspected affair is shown in the smash hit Netflix series “The Crown,” in which the Queen confronts her daughter on a private picnic about the “talk” she has overheard regarding the rumors.

While Princess Anne was married to Captain Mark Phillips (L) she was rumored to be involved in a romantic relationship with her bodyguard Peter Cross of the Royal Protection Squad.

Elizabeth II informs Anne in the episode that Scotland Yard was thinking about moving Cross to “”Don’t do that to me,” Anne retorted in reference to her desk duties. Not at all. The only thing that truly brings me joy is him.”

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