Shark sightings continue near the Florida coast, with more sightings: “Leave the water now!”


At Neptune Beach in Jacksonville, Florida, people on the beach heard shouts of, “Get out of the water!” after seeing sharks near to the coast. (Credit: Amazing Animals/@karaskonieczny/TMX)

NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! Read this article. As shark sightings throughout the East Coast this summer continue, beachgoers in Florida reported seeing sharks swimming in shallow waters near the coast over the weekend.

Kara Skonieczny posted the video online, claiming that she captured the “excitement” of sharks dining on baitfish at Neptune Beach in Jacksonville on a recent Saturday.

Off camera, someone can be heard screaming, “Get out of the water!” as at least two sharks can be seen splashing in the surf near to shore. What species of shark is visible in the video is unknown.

The incident occurred on the same day as a swimmer at another Jacksonville beach reportedly got bit by a shark.

A 6- to 7-foot shadow was seen swimming close by, according to witnesses who spoke to WJXT-TV. There was also a lot of blood in the seas off Jacksonville Beach. Although lifeguards speculated that the man’s injuries may have been caused by a shark, authorities were unable to immediately confirm this because they couldn’t spot any sharks in the water.

Sharks were spotted over the weekend in the shallow waters off Neptune Beach, Florida.

Over the weekend, sharks were spotted in the shallow seas near Florida’s Neptune Beach. Amazing Animals/@karaskonieczny / TMX

This summer, some beaches around the East Coast have been blocked due to frequent shark sightings.
The increasing shark population, according to experts, is a result of cleaner oceans, warmer waters, and a resurgence of bunker species, which sharks eat.
The probability of shark attacks, according to experts, is still quite low.

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