Steve Doocy is preparing a Fox Nation interactive event that all fans will enjoy using new recipes.

NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! Steve Doocy of Fox News and his wife Kathy are preparing something beneficial for the American people. The Fox and Friends co-host claimed on Tuesday that “America is starving for joy.” the day their new cookbook will be available “wherever you can buy books.” Everything is wonderful and not complex. The “Simply Happy Cookbook” was described in such manner by Doocy on the Tuesday morning Fox and Friends segment. In line with her husband’s definition, Kathy referred to the book as more of a “funny family memoir” that is likely to satisfy both your heart and stomach. Two adult daughters and one adult son are born to Steve and Kathy. Kathy started writing down her family’s favorite recipes after learning she had a rare form of eye cancer. “As I was receiving treatment, I came to the conclusion that, just in case, I needed to record the recipes that our children had grown up with.” Thankfully, Kathy no longer has cancer. She carries on the family’s culinary tradition. There is something quick, simple, and tasty for everyone, including Cast-Iron Cabernet Cheeseburgers, Braided Bacon Meatloaf, and their son’s apparent favorite, the Iowa Caucus Casserole, reported by Fox News White House Correspondent Peter Doocy. However, ” Simply Happy Cookbook” features FOX Family classics like the cast of the most-watched cable news program, The Five’s “5 o’clock Charcuterie board,” and John Rich’s cheesy grit cakes and eggs in addition to teaching you how to prepare other Doocy Family favorites.

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