Stew Leonard offers wise shopping advice to reduce the expense of your holiday feast in the face of inflation.

Consumers are still being negatively impacted by inflation as the holiday season draws near, prompting them to wonder how they will be able to afford a turkey meal this November.

On Monday’s episode of “Mornings with Maria,” Stew Leonard, president and CEO of the Stew Leonard’s grocery store chain, appeared to address the issue. He gave advice to viewers on how they can adopt some simple, smart strategies to cut costs and ensure they can afford the items they want the next time they visit their neighborhood grocery store.

There are some aspects in people’s lives that you can never change. On Thanksgiving, a turkey will be placed in the center of the table, he stated.

“The question is, can you add additional things to it?”
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For instance, he explained to anchor Maria Bartiromo, “At our house, we have a turkey, but we also have fish with it, or you might want to have something less expensive like some burgers for the kids to fill them up a little before they come to the main dish.”

For the first time, POPEYES Thanksgiving Turkey is available for door-step delivery.

The cost of turkey has increased significantly since last September, by 17.2%, according to data from The Bureau of Labor Statistics, and is expected to hit record levels.

The least expensive meat to serve as your main meal during the holidays is still turkey, according to Leonard, despite all the commotion.
It’s still the most affordable protein, he declared.

I find it incomprehensible that individuals complain that turkeys cost $1.50, $2, or $2.50 per pound while purchasing sliced cold cuts at the cold cuts counter for almost $12 per pound of turkey.

According to Bartiromo, the Consumer Price Index rose 8.2% last month while food costs rose 13% year over year, concocting a misery cocktail that will ruin consumers.


However, Leonard recommended families to take pleasure in their Thanksgiving meals and concentrate more on making everyone at the table happy.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving, but remember to shop wisely and tighten your belt a bit, he said.

In the past, Leonard has advised shoppers to fight inflation by using online store applications to uncover deals, benefiting from weekly discounts, shopping at local stores, and deciding to purchase the retailer’s private label to further reduce prices.

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