Texas Texans believe that President Biden ought to visit the southern border to observe the issues with mass migration.

YouTube NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! Texas citizens told Fox News that President Biden has to travel to the southern border of the United States to better grasp the continuous migration problems that affect tiny border towns.

Oralia, who works at a general merchandise store close to the border, suggested that Biden visit the border and look into the issue.
Cesar, who runs a store a short distance from the border, added that Biden must see the issues himself.
Biden doesn’t like the southern border, the man claimed. “I believe Former President Trump has advanced further,”
Video shows immigrants scaling the Arizona wall after Harris declares the border secure.

Migrants stream across the Texas border.

Despite record numbers of illegal crossings since taking office in 2021, Biden has not traveled to the southern border of the United States. Since Biden appointed her to lead the White House’s efforts to stop mass migration, Vice President Kamala Harris has only made one trip. During his presidency, Trump visited the border seven times, making three trips to Texas.

The borer is “secure,” according to Harris’ most recent statement. Residents of Eagle Pass have informed Fox News that they feel afraid as a result of migrants destroying ranches, putting pets to death, and robbing businesses.

The owner of a shop close to one of Eagle Pass, Texas’ three official border crossings, Laura Ramos, said she would want to see Joe Biden visit the border to personally observe the problem. She claimed that because of the constant migratory issue her community is experiencing, she had to teach her kids how to use firearms to defend themselves and the family business.

Laura said, “I blame the president” for Eagle Pass’ continuous migratory problems.
Biden should mandate that immigrants enter the country via authorized channels, according to Cesar.

Cesar told Fox News, “If Biden is going to let people go in the USA, do it the correct way, not simply letting all people go.” “Every day, it spirals out of control.”

President Biden has yet to visit the U.S. southern border during his presidency.

According to Customs and Border Protection , almost 3 million migrants have been apprehended entering the United States since Biden took office. Comparatively, from October 2015 to September 2020, which includes the majority of Trump’s presidency as well as a few months before it, there were roughly 2.4 million encounters at the southern border.

Juan, who grew up in Eagle Pass, told Fox News that “anyone that is in a position to make changes should be taking a first-hand look at everything that’s going on.”

The president, Congress, and anybody else with the authority to make choices should visit and observe it in person, Griselda concurred.
After drownings overwhelm morgues, a Texas border town requests refrigerators to store immigrant bodies.
According to Rosie, the federal government must step in at the border.
Rosie said, “This has to be more than just the state.” This, in my opinion, must originate from the federal government.

However, Rosie continued, if Biden does go to the border, he should do so in a “low-key” manner so that he can observe what people go through.

Rosie believes President Biden should make a "low-key" trip to the Mexico-U.S. border.

“If they come down here, which I think they should, they can take a look at everything that goes down here,” Armando told Fox News. “But I think, personally, I know it won’t happen.”


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