The Democratic contender for the hotly contested House seat claims that his female opponent is unable to “think” or “speak” for herself.

In a speech earlier this week, Democratic Rep. Vicente Gonzalez, who is running for re-election to the House in the less than four-week-away elections, attacked Rep. Mayra Flores, his Republican opponent, in the race to represent Texas’ 34th Congressional District, saying that she “can’t think for herself, can’t speak for herself, can’t act for herself, can’t vote for herself.”

Gonzalez made his comments during a voter turnout event on Wednesday at the La Sierra Event Center in Harlingen, Texas.

Gonzalez told the assembled crowd of his supporters, “We can’t do this alone.” “We need everyone’s aid. We need everyone’s friends. We need everyone’s family. We need everyone’s friends. This is how we’re going to fight back against these outside resources coming here and hand-picking a candidate who is unable to think for herself, speak for herself, act for herself, or cast her vote for herself.

Her first vote in the US Congress was a no vote on the Keep Communities Safer Act, he claimed, “after we lost 19 children and two teachers in a slaughter in Uvalde, Texas.”

Blogger who received payment from the Democratic candidate who targeted Mayra Flores defends sexist assaults and other racist posts

Gonzalez, who sits in the House as the representative of Texas’ 15th Congressional District, has repeatedly attacked Flores in the months leading up to the November 8 election.

Fox News Digital earlier this week revealed that an advertisement from Gonzalez’s re-election campaign included an edited, unattractive photo of Flores. Gonzalez’s campaign used a manipulated photo of Flores carrying a gun in the advertisement, which also attacked Flores for voting against the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act after the Uvalde school shooting.

A Democrat running for key office manipulates a photograph to make her female opponent appear aggressive in a campaign ad.

The image that was used in the advertisement, which was first distributed to Flores’ Instagram account in January, appears to have been altered to make Flores’ eyebrows appear more abrasive.

At the time, Flores responded to the advertisement by telling Fox: “First, Vicente Gonzalez paid a racist blogger to target me for my ethnicity.” Vicente is currently handling the grubby task himself with this reprehensible and pitiful Photoshopping. Vicente’s fear tactics and frequent lies will not fool the “Rio Grande Valley” residents, who are wiser than this.

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