The lead character Benoit Blanc from “The Glass Onion” and “Knives Out” filmmaker Rian Johnson are both gay.

Benoit Blanc’s sexual orientation was verified by “Glass Onion” director Rian Johnson during a press conference. It looks that Blanc has a male boyfriend in a specific scene from the “Knives Out” follow-up. On November 23, “Glass Onion” hits theaters, and on December 23, it becomes available on Netflix. Morning Brew is read by more than 3 million people; you should too! Thank you for registering! Director Rian Johnson of “Knives Out” acknowledged that the main character Benoit Blanc is gay.

In the eagerly awaited sequel “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery,” Daniel Craig returns as the enigmatic detective alongside a brand-new all-star cast.

Insider saw a specific scene from the sequel that suggests Blanc is cohabitating with a male. Johnson responded, “Yes, he clearly is,” when questioned about if this indicates that the character is LGBT during a press conference at the London Film Festival.

Johnson continued, “And there’s nobody in the world I can conceive in bringing me more delight for Benoit Blanc to be with,” alluding to the actor who makes a brief appearance as Blanc’s lover.

No spoilers, but who wouldn’t want to live with that person, Craig continued?

While “Glass Onion” will be available on Netflix on December 23, it will begin a brief theatrical run on November 23 in select US theaters. Along with several renowned actors like Kathryn Hahn, Dave Bautista, Leslie Odom Jr., and Janelle Monáe, the primary cast also features a number of up-and-coming stars.

The movie’s trailer indicates that Blanc is traveling to Greece to investigate his most recent case, which involves a new group of strange individuals. The group reportedly became closer after the actors traveled to Greece to film the movie during the pandemic, according to Hahn.

During the press conference, the “WandaVision” actress noted, “It did feel like we were this traveling circus together, which added, I think, to the texture of the movie.” “That kind of intimacy that we were able to forge in those conditions really added to the movie,” the actor said.

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